13 VERY Inspiring Facts About Sia Furler that Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Sia Furler facts

Sia Furler is an Australian musician who had surfaced to mainstream success at roughly the age of 37 with her hit track Chandelier. But this is the result of a lifelong journey full of struggles from personal demons, tragedies, drugs, alcohol, depression, attempted suicide, disease to many record flops and failures. Sia’s career has been the definition of perseverance and overcoming constant adversities. She has endured a very bumpy and rocky road to get to where she is, and it’s nowhere near perfect, in fact she hates fame altogether. Nonetheless, her story deserves some much credited light to be shined upon as it is very insightful and empowering. She is a true warrior who symbolizes inner strength, authenticity, and imperfection in the truest definition of the word. Sia Furler’s character and her quest is truly awe inspiring. Here are her 13 most inspiring facts.


1.) Sia has a natural inner pull that gravitates her spirit towards art, song writing  and music. She has been in the industry for well over 20 years. Her mother was involved in arts and her father was a musician himself. Growing up, she was heavily inspired by Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and Sting.


2.) She has a snaggletooth (an irregular or projecting tooth.) As a child, her parents told her she could either fix the tooth or study in Italy for 1 year. Choosing brains over beauty was an easy choice for Sia, who moved to Italy and was happy to keep her tooth the way it is. “I’m an advocate of ‘it’s not what you are, it’s who you are.'”


3.) Sia was about a week away from moving from Australia to London to live with her boyfriend Dan, before he got killed in a car accident. She had characterized him as athe lover of her life and the tragedy was obviously a very tough pill to swallow. It was a devastating event that took her more than 6 years to get over. “I was pretty fucked up after Dan died. I couldn’t really feel anything. I could intellectualise a lot of stuff; that I had a purpose, that I was loved, but I couldn’t actually feel anything.” She also became dependant on drugs and alcohol to deal with the tough issues. “We were all devastated, so we got shit-faced on drugs and special brew. Unfortunately, that bender lasted six years for me.” 


4.) Sia battled through a long history of addiction and substance abuse. “I was a pill-popper,”. In an interview with OK! Magazine she admitted that after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder she got hooked on Xanax, Oxycontin and heavy alcohol usage.


5.) She has suffered from depression and had some on going bouts with mental illness. At one point, Sia Furler contemplated suicide as she checked into a cheap hotel and wrote instructions for the hotel manager and her dog walker saying “I’ve killed myself and I don’t want you to have to suffer seeing my dead body.” Thankfully, a friend’s phone call came at the right time, and she made the decision to sign up for a 12 step program for recovery.


6.) Sia’s had several flops and really needed a big dose of perseverance to turn her passion into something big. She was initially a member of a group called Crisp in the 90’s which didn’t end up going very far. Next, she was apart of a group called Zero 7, but eventually the band grew impatient with waiting for her to record the next album, in which case she was replaced. She would go solo and begin writing for Christina Aguilera. Sia also had a ballad featured on the HBO series Six Feet Under which got her some much needed exposure. This brought her back to life from what she called a “truly dying career”. She was around 37 when she finally made it to her desired destination.


7.) She cancelled several of her concerts and apologized on Twitter by announcing that she has Graves’ disease. It is an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid gland causing her face to swell. It also results in muscle weakness, heart palpitations, irritability and lethargy.


8.) Sia is one of the best song writers in the industry and has written and worked alongside many very famous artists including Britney Spears,Rihanna, Madonna, David Guetta, Celine Dion, Eminem, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Flo Rida, Ne-Yo, Jay-z and Christina Aguilera, to name just a few. Song-writing is possibly her strongest passion, as she claims “People call me for the ballads. Apparently that’s where I’ve been pigeonholed. But it’s really interesting and really fun. It’s my favourite part of the job, writing.”


9.) Extremely shy and introverted, Sia often wears wigs, and paints her face heavily to hide herself from the spotlight. In fact, she is so shy, that she didn’t even face the camera once on The Ellen Show. “I have social anxiety. It’s easier up on stage because there’s security in being there. When I’m off stage I’m trying not to be a manic freak. I’m quite shy.”


10.) She is completely anti-fame and has vocalized her strong opinion in a letter to billboard.com. Sia hates the pressure and public scrutiny involved with being famous and prefers to remain as private as possible. “I’ll be the songwriter for pop stars and then they can be the front person and I don’t have to be famous.”


11.) Beyoncé Knowles herself has dubbed her as a genius, saying “Sia is such a genius. The second I heard the song [“Pretty Hurts”] I’m like, I have to sing this song. I don’t care how hard I have to fight for the song, this is my song!”


12.) Sia recently announced that she is a full vegan after being a vegetarian for many years. She also takes part in meditation workshops with Demi Moore.


13.) She’s said previously that she falls in love with the person, not the gender. She’s bisexual and has been open about it from the get go. She has stated it’s never something she hided, but rather, she just got famous recently and people now know about her, and are more interested in who she is.




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