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Jennifer Lawrence quotes

23 Very Empowering Jennifer Lawrence Quotes

Jennifer Lawrence had the nickname "Nitro" during her school years. She was given the name because she was extremely energetic and full of life, as you will witness by reading her quotes below. Shockingly, the young star actually has no formal acting training and was not even apart of the drama program at her school. However, Jennifer Lawrence is a success because of her empowering beliefs, positive mindset and most importantly, her ability to be exactly who she is. In other words, she follows her intuition to the tee. And from Jennifer Lawrence's quotes you will understand how her beliefs, mind-frame and authenticity served her enormously.


1.) "I've always had this really gross, dangerous mentality of, no consideration of failure. Just never even considering the thought of failing. Like, if I want something, I just go until I get it."

2.) "My parents saw me so truly happy that they sacrificed everything for my happiness. Without my family, I would be nothing."

3.) "I don't know if this is why everything has worked so well and I'm not sure I'd recommend this kind of thinking to anyone else, but I've always known I'd be successful in acting. I have certainly worked for it."

4.) “I’m a big believer of accepting yourself and not really worrying about it.”

5.) "It's just so bizarre in this world; if you have asthma, you take asthma medicine. If you have diabetes, you take diabetes medicine, but as soon as you have to take medication for your mind it's... there's such a stigma behind it."

6.)“You look how you look,” “Be comfortable. What are you going to do? Be hungry every single day to make other people happy? That’s just dumb.”

7.) “Why can’t we just be nice?” “It’s like, we grow up, and then we get right back into high school.”

8.) “Things can happen to you, but they don't have to happen to your soul.”

9.) “Even as far back as when I started acting at 14, I know I’ve never considered failure”

10.) "'My question to myself was "why am I not asking for it?" I know that I’ve always kind of carried a habit of... submissiveness with the idea of that makes me more likable. I felt like I had to say something, because we need to talk about it. On average, women are paid 21 percent less than men. We can ask for the same exact thing that men do. And we do face the reality that we do get judged more. It’s just something that is intrinsic, and I would love to see change.'"

11.) “I was a weirdo. I wasn’t picked on or anything. And I wasn’t smarter than the other kids; that’s not why I didn’t fit in. I’ve always had this weird anxiety. I hated recess. I didn’t like field trips. Parties really stressed me out. And I had a very different sense of humor.”

12.) "Be strong. Don’t be a follower, and always do the right thing. If you have a choice between the right thing and the wrong thing, the right way is always less stressful."

13.) “When I first got to New York, my feet hit the sidewalk and you'd have thought I was born and raised there. I took over that town. None of my friends took me seriously. I came home and announced, 'I'm going to move to New York,' and they were like 'OK.' Then when I did, they kept waiting for me to fail and come back. But I knew I wouldn't. I was like, 'I'll show you.'”

14.) “You do become more aware of your mortality as you get older. When you’re little, you jump on any wild horse. Then you get a little bit older and realize how fragile life is, and you’re more careful.”

15.) “As hard as it is and as tired as I am, I force myself to get dinner at least once a week with my girlfriends, or have a sleepover. Otherwise my life is just work.”

16.) "I always felt dumber than everybody else. I hated it. I hated being inside. I hated being behind a desk. School just kind of killed me."

17.)"'Not to sound rude, but [acting] is stupid. Everybody's like "How can you remain with a level head?". And I'm like "Why would I ever get cocky? I'm not saving anybody's life. There are doctors who save lives and firemen who run into burning buildings. I'm making movies. It's stupid."'

18.) "I don't know if this is why everything has worked so well and I'm not sure I'd recommend this kind of thinking to anyone else, but I've always known I'd be successful in acting. I have certainly worked for it."

19.) "'I like the financial security because I know how hard it is for so many people who struggle to earn a living. I’m grateful I don’t have to worry about money and I can live very freely and do something I love and get paid very well to do it. I tell my friends to slap me if they ever think I’m getting full of myself.'"

20.) "I have an amazing group of friends who are not in the business, who I trust... Because I don't feel any different... So I surround myself with people who don't fake laugh at my jokes.'"

21.) "I'm doing what I love, and then I get months and months of rest. I have a lot of money for a 21-year-old. I can't stand it when actors complain."

22.) "I never felt like I completely, 100% understood something so well as acting."

23.) "I like when things are hard; I'm very competitive. If something seems difficult or impossible, it interests me."

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