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2pac: Always Passionate About Change

Tupac Shakur was always a controversial rapper, partly because he was about more than hip hop or music, he was in another category separate from art. He was extremely curious with bringing about changes, exactly like his very own song, changes. He was passionate about making music that helped change the way people lived, the way people were treated and he just strongly wanted to get that message out there. And for great, great reason. With people like 2pac, changing the world is not some fun expression or quote, it's about persuasion and really making people see a different way. And you could always notice how purposeful he was in his approach, from the sound of his voice and the enthusiasm in his nature. After all, his mother was also a revolutionary black panther. In this rare video, he really dissects the element of greed on the planet. But the video is really uploaded to show how driven and motivated 2pac was about making massive changes regarding poverty, race and social structure. 


#MoralOfTheStory: Get extremely clear with what drives you, what gives you a sense of purpose to want to change or help others or make things easier for others. The main word of focus, others. 

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