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Thomas Edison and How Inventors View Failure as Steps Towards Their...

Thomas Edison's story centers around the fact he did not quit in the face of failure. He understood the ups and downs that came with the process of inventing.

What We Can Learn From The Rockefeller Family Regime Of Philanthropy,...

Here are five famed Rockefellers that have set the bar of giving back significantly through community, philanthropy, politics, and social change.

First Female Boston Marathon Runner Kathrine Switzer On Going The Distance

This infamous photo on the wrong side of history captures a woman being attacked for attempting to run the 67 Boston Marathon as she fearlessly paved a way.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk Inspired Many Innovators by Demonstrating Unabashed Creativity and...

Rahsaan Roland Kirk was able to play two or three instruments simultaneously and he gained the ability to improvise on stage all while being blind from age 2.

Uninspired? Lazy? How to be a Master of Willpower

You probably know someone who just always gets things done; they seem to possess infinite supplies of energy and willpower (and time), and every...

Mel Blanc: How One Man’s Love of Cartoons Literally Saved his...

Mel Blanc was the man with many voices such as Bugs Bunny, and those same voices stored in the recesses of Blanc’s mind literally brought him back to life.

Rupi Kaur Pours Raw Devotion Into Her Work

Twenty-Four year old Rupi Kaur writes honest poems about life that inspire millions to turn every moment, even the negative ones, into something they love.

JRR Tolkien – The Inertia of a Curious Life

JRR Tolkien shows us that one can live a life full of joy and connection with romance and family, and still produce works of creativity that change the world.

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