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Bob Dylan On Destiny


In this interview with Bob Dylan, he explains what he believes "destiny" means, and its a bit different than the usual meaning, this allows us to take a peak into the mind of how one of the greatest musicians of all time thought. Dylan's perspective of destiny was a picture inside your head that you know you will achieve, and one could argue that "knowing" you will achieve something is subjective and based on how strong one believes. Therefore, Bob Dylan's depiction of destiny is based on how much one believes they will achieve something they can vividly picture in their head. The kicker is, according to Dylan one must protect that image because when you tell others about this "dream" it becomes exposed and available for criticism which could bring down your beliefs in it. This is similar to when Will Smith tells his son in the movie Pursuit of Happyness  “You got a dream, you got to protect it" (watch that video here).

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