The Top 10 MOST Inspiring Derrick Rose Quotes

Derrick Rose is an exceptional basketball player and there is no doubt about that. However, there are many who think he is just hype, even though his battles with injury have truly got in his way. Regardless, adversity is nothing foreign to the baller who grew up in the rough gang ridden streets of Chicago and he overcame almost all of the odds against him. He has always understood that the haters need zero attention in the mind or it could infect internal beliefs. Again, more recently, Rose applied the same theory. With some plagued years in Chicago with his constant injuries, he felt the need for a change and is now apart of the New York Knicks. This list is comprised of the most inspiring Derrick Rose quotes where he vocalizes his core beliefs about passion, hard work and having a clear mind.



“Hard work isn’t enough. You got to believe.” – Derrick Rose


“All the days that you wake up you have one job and that’s to get better, every single day.” – Derrick Rose


“We got to win. Win no matter what. Trip, kick somebody, fight, bite. Whatever. Win.” – Derrick Rose


“I wanna be great. I’m going to be great. There’s no doubt about it.” – Derrick Rose


“I still have goals. Seeing those doubters out there, it’s gonna be funny seeing them eat their words.” – Derrick Rose


“I love playing basketball because you could be having a rough day in your life, and while you’re on the court it gives you a clear mind. I’m not worried about anything. I’m there just playing freely and I go out there all and I have fun.” – Derrick Rose


“The way I look at it within myself, why not? Why can’t I be the MVP of the League? Why can’t I be the best player in the League? I don’t see why-why-why can’t I do that? I think I work hard, I think I dedicate myself to the game and sacrifice a lot of things at a young age and I know if I continue to do good, what I can get out of it and if that’s me going out or doing whatever, I’m willing to do it because I know in the long run, it’s going to help me.” – Derrick Rose


“Whatever your goal is: dedicate yourself to it and it’s going to be a lot of sacrifice, but if you love what you want to do, it shouldn’t be a problem.” – Derrick Rose


“I can’t get mad about peoples’ opinions, I always say that. That’s their opinion. They got every right to say or think whatever they want to say and think. And whatever they say and think don’t affect my life.” – Derrick Rose


“My thing is just staying positive. Find that thing you love doing and dedicate yourself to it. You’re going to have to sacrifice a lot of things if you want to achieve the goals you want to achieve.” – Derrick Rose

Bonus Derrick Rose Quote:

“I think good things come to good people.”Derrick Rose

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