Ed Burns & His Gutsy Move To Become A Hollywood Star:

Ed Burns success

On the talk show Katie, Hollywood star Ed Burns (star in Saving Private Ryan along with Tom Hanks) tells a quick 5 minute story of how he got his foot into the door of the Movie Scene. One of the biggest reasons he believes he made it was because he had the guts to approach Hollywood producer Robert Redford after he was interviewed for a new movie. Ed Burns had a VHS copy of a movie he filmed in his own house “The Brothers McMullen,” and approached Redford just before he was about to leave, Burns states he had practiced a quick speech of what he’d say to Redford over and over again, and reluctantly, Redford accepted the video Burns had worked hard on. About 4 months later, Burns got a call that his film would be a part of the Sundance Film Festival, the movie ended up winning an award and that was the start of Burns’ acting career.


“When I was 25 years old and had no money and didn’t know how to make movies and had no experience – I was able to get $25,000 together, and that film was The Brothers McMullen.”  – Ed Burns


“And at no point did making ‘The Brothers McMullen’ feel like work or hardship. It was really just a matter of 11 days of fun over the course of 8 months.” – Ed Burns


The lesson here is simple, exercising courage and grit will more often than not, be needed to make your dream a real success. You need the guts to get the glory!


Image Source: (Creative Commons) http://commons.wikimedia.org



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