The Top 10 Most Inspiring Frank Ocean Quotes

The ever so creative and talented musician Frank Ocean is a multifaceted artist. He made a very bold move in the hip hop genre when he came out of the closet in 2012 as being bi-sexual. Frank Ocean is a no holds bar type of dude who isn’t afraid of what other peers in the industry think, or anyone for that matter. This also gives him a powerful edge as he is fearless, limitless and he can expresses himself wholeheartedly, especially through his musical platform. These are the top 10 most insightful Frank Ocean quotes to empower you to be your truest extension of exactly who you are from the inside out.


“Work hard in silence, let success be your noise.” – Frank Ocean


“There’s just some magic in truth and honesty and openness.” – Frank Ocean

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“In art, at a certain level, there is no ‘better than.’ It’s just about trying to operate for yourself on the most supreme level, artistically, that you can and hoping that people get it. Trusting that, just because of the way people are built and how interconnected we are, greatness will translate and symmetry will be recognised.” – Frank Ocean


“You just do what you can and you have as much fun as possible.” – Frank Ocean

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“We all know we have a finite period of time. I just feel if I’m going to be alive, I want to be challenged – to be as immortal as possible. The path to that isn’t an easy way, but it’s a rewarding way.” – Frank Ocean


“I know that we sin but I do believe we try, we all try.” – Frank Ocean

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“I’ve always wanted to make a career in the arts, and I think that my only hope at doing that is to make it more about the work.”Frank Ocean


“I’m about being the best.Frank Ocean

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“I don’t have any secrets I need kept any more.” – Frank Ocean


“Stop trying to be somebody else. Don’t try to be some one else. Be yourself and know that that’s good enough.” – Frank Ocean

Bonus Frank Ocean Quote:

“I don’t fear anybody… at all.” – Frank Ocean

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