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Jerry Rice underdog

Jerry Rice Was An Underdog?

Shockingly, Jerry Rice did not receive any offers from schools for a scholarship, not even one just 20 miles away. However, a coach named Archie, in Mississippi, had heard about him and Rice commented that “no one else came to see me in person.” Based on that one interaction of interest, and it being his 'only' offer, Rice accepted the scholarship.

Rice did not let down, in fact he scored 5 TD's in a game, twice that year. His team-mates nicknamed him "world" for being able to catch anything in the world and were heavily impressed. Even then, he didn't receive the type of hype, players of his nature would get. This didn't effect him in the slightest, although it fuelled his fire to keep rising. He finished his career with 301 catches for 4,693 yards and 50 touchdowns, which was a NCAA record for total career touchdown receptions and it stood until 2006. This 1984 record-breaking season at Mississippi Valley made some of the NFL scouts finally take notice in him as his speed was reportedly an amazing 4.71 in the 40-yard dash.


#MoralOfTheStory: When signs of promise are not showing up, let it fuel you to get even better. BUT DO NOT let it discourage you. Be patient, have faith and trust that your work ethic and abilities will endure.


“My work ethic came from my parents and my fear of failure. I came from a small, predominantly black school and I didn’t want to let them down.” - Jerry Rice




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