The Top 10 Most Inspiring Lauryn Hill Quotes

Lauryn Hill is the hip hop queen who is unmatchable in her lyrics, flow, and especially her message. The lead singer of The Fugees was a musician and rapper who stood for so much more than music, she was revolutionary in every way and she represented a bigger purpose. Her intellect, wisdom and moral compass made her an artist who questioned everything and unraveled deeper issues revolving around politics, race and most importantly the truth. Here is the top 10 most inspiring Lauryn Hill quotes that will make you self reflect and ask the more important questions about your life and the world.


“Tomorrow, our seeds will grow. All we need is dedication.” – Lauryn Hill


“A lot of us are too busy focusing on what we think people want to hear, as opposed to just saying what’s in our hearts.” – Lauryn Hill

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“Wisdom is better than silver and gold.” – Lauryn Hill


“Once you compromise yourself in one way, you compromise yourself in another way. And you’ve just opened the door to compromise, mediocrity, settling.” – Lauryn Hill

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“I am no longer going to become a fictional character to please people. That’s too much work.” – Lauryn Hill


“Whenever we submit our will to someone else’s opinion, a part of us dies” – Lauryn Hill

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“Every day is a lesson in focus for me, and not buying into the world’s concept of what you have to be. I really try every day to be individual and not just in my style or my look or my music, but in my approach to life.” – Lauryn Hill


“If everyone is a product of this society, who will say the things that need to be said, and do the things that need to be done, without compromise? Truth will never start out popular in a world more concerned with marketability than righteousness. It will initially suffer ridicule and even violence- yet ultimately it is undeniable. All of humanity is living in a dream world, but suffering real consequences.Lauryn Hill

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“I need to be surrounded by people as passionate and as dedicated as I am.” – Lauryn Hill


“Let me be patient, let me be kind, make me unselfish, without being blind.” Lauryn Hill

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“We should always be aspiring to know more, and to better ourselves, and to improve ourselves. To improve ourselves, because that’s how we improve the world around us, by working within us.” – Lauryn Hill

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