Michelangelo The Sistine Chapel: A Lesson of Perseverance

How long did it take the famous painter, sculptor, and architect, Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel (now one of the most sought after and viewed monuments in history)? A massive 4 years, and was proven to be so resilient that after 5 centuries only a small section of the mural is missing! Imagine working on a piece of art for 4 years, without any major recognition until the completion of it. Could you envision the many, many times Michelangelo was in a different mindset than when he first started, and how many times he had to re-inspire himself to think of the grand vision? Not only did he have to stay focused on the big picture for nearly half a decade, he also had to pay attention to the smallest of details, this is what made his mural a masterpiece in every sense of the word.
Michelangelo used a variety of different brushes to touch up on the different shades and textures.

This is a metaphor for life, Michelangelo’s work of art teaches us a lesson of true grit, consistency, perseverance, and patience. In the current day and age, it’s easy to “want” things to occur as quick as possible, it’s why people love mafia movies because of the “fast-life” and its the answer to why people give into temptation, they’d rather have the temporary high as opposed to the long achievement of real satisfaction. Michelangelo apparently didn’t even enjoy painting the Sistine Chapel at “all” times sure he had a major passion for art, but their were times of misery in fact he even had a poem about his negative experience creating the mural which included statements of regretting taking on the task. The mural i’s an example of what one can achieve if they focus on the work for the work, while keeping the grand vision in mind. Instead of doing things only for the reward, if one focuses on the fine details of their dreams, puts in a persistent effort with a “big-picture” mentality, masterpieces can be made!


“Faith in oneself is the best and safest course.” – Michelangelo




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