The Top 10 Most Inspiring Rae Sremmurd Quotes

Rae Sremmurd is a rap duo featuring two brothers from Mississipi. Wae Lee and Slim Jimmy are rapidly creating big imprints on the hip hop world with their eccentric and over the top bold rap skills and hooks. The two brothers have been growing under cover for several years as they built a true cult in their hometown. Nothing has come simple for Rae Sremmurd, who moved out at a young age on their own to struggle and hustle hard to make a place in the world with their unique sound.
These quotes reveal the energy, confidence and positive attitude it took for them to make it against the stacked high odds. The brothers speak about their own self-proclaimed ideologies including a lifestyle they invented called Sremmlife that their fans have now joined in with. The Rae Sremmurd members are heavily aware of everything it took to reach this new found success and do not take any of it for granted. Here are the 10 best Rae Sremmurd quotes that will give you motivation to be very bold about who you are and what you represent.


“All my little kid dreams, I’m living them out.” – Rae Sremmurd


“They know who we is, we know what we got.” – Rae Sremmurd

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“We don’ did it from nothing. We started from zero and went to 100. Ain’t nothing to go to 200!” – Rae Sremmurd


“We just want to kill all the hate, basically.” – Rae Sremmurd

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“We’re out of state, not thinking one-dimensional. That was our statement.” – Rae Sremmurd


“We made sure everybody know that we didn’t give a f**k what color you are. Pull up, we finna get lit.” – Rae Sremmurd

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“How we view the world. Every artist expresses themselves in a different way and this is how we express ourselves. SremmLife is like a pass. Like if I was to break a rule, I can just say ‘SremmLife’ and it makes it ok. And then it also means to ride in the front seat. – Rae Sremmurd


“Even through bad situations we would have a good attitude, and that had a lot to do with energy.– Rae Sremmurd

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“The whole industry going to do sh*t to separate us. We got separate tracks, because we can both rap. Because I don’t want to satisfy the world like that.” – Rae Sremmurd


“People who like Rae Sremmurd believe in having a good time with people.” – Rae Sremmurd

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“We were just the n****s that took interest in music. I didn’t really understand what being famous was. But I saw myself just turnt. Being successful.” – Rae Sremmurd

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