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Jeff Bezos and Amazon

The Real Reason Amazon Became Successful

Amazon.com is a massive commerce company, which you probably know of, that sells books online in particular, but also many other products including movies and music. Certainly a clever business model and invention that makes life easier. The product/service serves a purpose and undoubtedly it delivers a need. However, there is a much deeper conclusion to the huge success this company has attained.

Like most big creations, it's nucleus begins with the creator. In this case, Jeff Bezos, who is widely considered a genius (as we all have somewhere inside us when we find our unique DNA). Bezos, on the outer surface, is known as a brilliant, intelligent man with some magical superpowers particularly in entrepreneurship and computer sciences. And we won’t deny it for a second, although we believe his genius and the reason for Amazon's surmountable achievements are more related to that forever important feeling of passion. His inner realm and deep desire's are more evident to be the real success behind Amazon, here's his insight on the subject:

“It's always hard to know why you're drawn to a particular thing. I think part of it is if you have a facility with that thing, of course it's satisfying to do it and so in a way that's self-reinforcing. And, certainly I always had a facility with computers. I always got along well with them and they're such extraordinary tools. You can teach them to do things and then they actually do them. It's kind of an incredible tool that we've built here in the 20th Century. That was a love affair that really did start in the fourth grade, and by the time I got to high school -- I think when I was in 11th grade I got an Apple II Plus -- and continued fooling around with computers, and then by the time I got to Princeton I was taking all the computer classes, and actually not just learning how to hack, but learning about algorithms and some of the mathematics behind computer science, and it's fascinating. It's really a very involving and fun subject."


As a kid, looking hindsight:

“I was constantly booby-trapping the house with various kinds of alarms and some of them were not just audible sounds, but actually like physical booby-traps. I think I occasionally worried my parents that they were going to open the door one day and have 30 pounds of nails drop on their head or something. Our garage was basically science fair central, and my mom is a saint, because she would drive me to Radio Shack multiple times a day to the point where she would finally say, "Okay. Look. Will you please get your parts list straight before we go? I can't handle more than one trip to Radio Shack per day." So, there was a lot of that kind of stuff going on in our house.”


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