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Tyrese Gibson Motivational Speech: Those Who Can See The Invisible Can Do The Impossible

Tyrese Gibson gives a powerful motivational speech encouraging people to start there dreams NOW, not later.

"Why do you think you need to wait until you get a little older to become the things that you want to become in life" - Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese says some of the most powerful words you may NOT want to hear, but NEED to hear, because it is often too true.

"This is what I want to leave you with, when you make the decision, and I want everybody to hear me on this even the adults in the room, when you make the decision to do what you want to do with your life, just know this; because the family and the friends in your life, do not share your vision, in most cases they will be the first person to try and talk you out of what you wanna do with your life. But no this, only those, that can see the invisible, can do the impossible" Tyrese Gibson

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