Zara Owner: A Pure Non-Conformist

Amancio Ortega inspiring fact

One of the biggest textile conglomerates on the globe called Inditex, was created by a man from Spain named Amancio Ortega,. He also created Zara alongside his ex-wife, which is the main brand under his parent company. The business mogul is certainly one of the wealthiest people and is somewhere near $62 billion.

What is completely humbling and non-conforming at the same time about Mr. Ortega is that he is very unorthodox in his ways, especially as a billionaire. To be honest, it’s rather inspiring.

Amancio Ortega is very well known for being a shy and soft spoken individual. He is extremely low profile, and prior to 2001 almost no one outside of his close circle had ever even seen him. He has only given 3 interviews through his life even though many big publications emailed him. Until 1999, not even a single photograph had been published of him.

There’s more, he apparently hardly takes vacations. He goes to the same coffee shop every day and eats lunch with his employees in the cafeteria. He refuses to wear a tie and is usually dressed in a simple casual outfit, which is not even Zara made. His secret and simplistic lifestyle has led to some interesting books, one of which is called ‘Zero to Zara’.



“We cannot limit ourselves to continue on the path we have already opened.” – Amancio Ortega




#MoralOfTheStory: You can definitely do it your way. Following others and trying to fit in is not necessary. Be your own unique exact self, and do things the way you prefer. This is what makes you an original. 


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