Gucci Mane’s Deep Infatuation With Music Allowed Him To Climb Over His Uphill Battles

Gucci Mane spent his life facing uphill battles which gave him the toughness and persistence it takes to ensure his journey goes where he wants to take it.

Author Joan Didion On Why Character And Responsibility Are The Source For Self-Respect

Character is either the result, or the reward that comes from both taking and accepting 100% responsibility for our lives.

Mary Tyler Moore: Driven to Perform & Push Boundaries

From the beginning, doing things differently was at the heart of the Mary Tyler Moore's success. Her drive was to dance, to sing, to act and to make people laugh.

There Are Many Different Ways To Define Success; This Is One Of The Best Ever

To really succeed, offer encouragement, give praise, or provide guidance. This is success of the highest caliber and is the lasting success we are all striving for.

Logic’s Story Teaches Us That Our Dark Times Can Be Used To Bring Light To Others

Logic is a great example of an artist with a message. Rather than let the darkness in his life weigh him down, he used negativity to create something positive.

Lisa Nichols and the Importance Of Leaving Everything Behind

Lisa Nichols has found that to truly achieve success, that will not only benefit self but also our tribe, we inevitably must leave everything behind.


3 inspirational lessons to learn from inventor Thomas Edison. Even though he failed, he never gave up, kept pursuing what he enjoyed, and didn't let adversity effect him.
Anthony Robbins has shook the universe with his enthusiasm and contagious positive energy for change. He is worth almost 500 million with 2 best selling books, seminars and personal coaching, helping everyone from the suicidal to celebrities, presidents and even the Queen of England.
Walmart founder Sam Walton was a leader with a vision in literally everything he did. He nudged his way into corporate success by being innovative in his approach to always put the customer first and provide discounted products.


Top 10 Quotes: How Charles Dickens Found Success Through Bad Experiences

Dickens’ life reaffirmed specific notions about success. He illustrated how bad situations and early struggles in life can later manifest into something great.

The Struggles That Bring the Captivating, Unapologetic, and Riveting Character of...

Mary Poppins is still one of the most recognizable, captivating, and riveting characters in film history. Here are 10 quotes by Mary Poppins.

Why Listening Is Primarily An Activity Of The Mind & Not...

Skillful listening demands the ability to stay focused, resist distractions, and somehow make a meaningful connection with the message being communicated.

Rachel Carson And How She Pioneered Ecology and Environmentalism

Long before Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth sounded the alarm about global warming, Rachel Carson had her ear to the ground, and alerted the...

George Orwell and How He Used Fiction to Reveal Social and...

As a child, Orwell always longed to capture the hardships of “real” people. He longed to live among the less fortunate, and to share their stories with others.

Idris Elba: Realize Your True Potential

12 of Idris Elba's most important and enlightening quotes to remind us to keep striving until we find the opportunities that allow us to reach our true potential.



Inspirational Speeches


Alicia Keys’ Emotional 2016 Speech

Alicia Keys gave an incredible speech about love, breaking the walls down and keeping ourselves locked in at the 2016 Music Video Awards.

Rihanna on Humanitarianism: It Starts With Just One

[youtube] Rihanna delivers an empowering public address on gratitude and empathy, after receiving the 2017...

Poetic “Lift Off” Harvard Speech By Donovan Livingston

Donovan Livingston gave an awe inspiring speech at Harvard that involved poetry and a strong validation humans are limitless when we overcome injustice.

Eckhart Tolle: Finding Your Life’s Purpose By Living In The Now

Spiritual leader Eckhart Tolle relays a message about how the past or future never seize to exist and why the power truly lies in the 'right now'.

Sundar Pichai Speech At The GES 2016

Sundar Pichai gave this speech at GES where he discussed how innovation has no borders, never giving up on entrepreneurship, and gives a quote by Thomas Edison.

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