James Baldwin – Amidst and Ahead of His Time

James Baldwin, who wrote about civil rights, was a great source of light, shining out on the world a powerful and urgent message about people, community, and self.

Top 3 Eye Opening Films To Watch Before The 2017 Oscars

It’s time to begin our mass movie-watching binge and catch up on those Academy Award nominations we’ve missed out on, especially the most empowering ones.

The Imprint Of Print: 9 Life Changing Books

One of the most life altering and encouraging ways to receive inspiration is from a book. Whether it is 10 or 10,000 pages, the lessons are greatly impactful.

The Leadership Strategies And Abilities of Tech & Space Pioneer Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s leadership style has evolved and has been a crucial component in his success by practicing these four leadership strategies.

Donald Glover – A Modern Day Renaissance Man

Donald Glover is to thank for this revitalizing story that lends itself to individual and communal growth towards understanding creativity and what inspires us.

Inspiring Facts You Didn’t Know About Zach Galifianakis

With his generosity to others and his quirky projects, Zack Galifianaksi is staying true to himself and his comedic vision.


Leader of the Russian revolution, Ovechkin continuously brings fans out of their seats with a blistering shot or a big hit with the size and strength of an NHL power forward, yet the hands, instincts and quickness of an elite scorer. Find out how his passion and positive energy as a kid made him one of the greats!
House DJ Tim Bergling, aka Avicii, has had one heck of a ride in the last bunch of years to the top. Did you know he had a mentor/manager who he formed a truly inspiring bond with. Ash Pournouri was the vision, Avicii was the DJ, and the two have supported and skyrocketed each others career together.
Find out how the The King of Pop, Michael Jackson earned his royalty and claimed his throne. How he used his childhood challenges to motivate and ultimately power his dreams so that he could one day rock the music industry and influence the world forever!


15 Maya Angelou Quotes to Empower and Inspire Goals

Alexi Panos highlights decisions & “The Domino Effect” as key ingredients to achieving your goals and how they can create enough momentum to power dreams.

Top 10 Felix Kjellberg Quotes About Doing What You Love

       Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, born on October 24, 1989, is a 27 year old Swedish YouTube sensation, whom you may recognize...

What Does Denis Waitley Really Mean In His Quote About Effort

What does it really mean to give something our best effort? Who decides what our best effort is? The truth is, only we know whether we have given our best effort.

Assessing Mahatma Gandi’s Quote “Losing Yourself In The Service Of Others”

When we shift the focus from self to others, we open up the possibility to make a real difference in the life of another, it doesn't matter what our profession is.

Top 10 Marvin Gaye Quotes to Find Inner Peace

Marvin Gaye's violent death only made his message of justice stronger. His music and quotes have inspired generations of remembering peace, love and understanding.

Breaking Down George Washington’s Infamous Quote About The Virtues Of Honesty

George Washington believes "character" is a defining characteristic of an exceptional leader and further describes and reveals the most enviable of all titles.




Inspirational Speeches


Unexpected – Ray Lewis Speech At TEDxYouth

Ray Lewis tells us how the greatest glory comes after we go through tremendous pain. He shares personal stories of how he turned pain into victory.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw Essence Black Women In Hollywood Inspiring Speech

Gugu Mbatha-Raw spoke at the Black Women In Hollywood event and gave a speech after accepting her award about being fearless and exploring who you truly are.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Empowering 2016 Oscar Award Winning Speech

Leonardo DiCaprio finally won the Oscar Award for Best Actor and he used his speech time wisely to spread awareness about our planet.

Oprah’s Tearful Speech at Power of Women

Oprah Winfrey gives an emotional and heartfelt speech at Variety’s Power of Women about authentic power, and aligning who you are with what you've come to do in the world.
O'shea jackson jr speechvideo

O’Shea Jackson Jr. All Def Movie Awards Acceptance Speech “Embrace The Underdog Within”

O'Shea Jackson Jr. received an award and gave a great speech about embracing the under dog within.

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