Elizabeth Olsen: A Career that Balances Commercial Success and Artistic Achievement

Elizabeth Olsen, who uses fear as motivation, finds balance in alternating commercial blockbusters, with passion projects, and smaller scale artistic endeavors.

Despite Adversity Russell Peters Kept Tugging Away At His Passions For Comedy, Art And Dj’ing

Thankfully Russell Peters never gave up or took no for an answer in doing what he absolutely loved, putting smiles on our faces and laughter in our hearts.

A Life Lesson from Gary Vaynerchuk: Don’t Just Do What You Love, Master It

Gary Vaynerchuk is where he is because he significantly acted on his passion; now this begs the question–where will you be if you do not act on yours?

What We Can Learn From The Highs And Lows Of The Greatest Actor Of All Time Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando continually took this approach of creating magic from darkness, and found ways to bring meaning to the movies he was a part of making.

Chris Evans Is A Real Life Super Hero Who Accepts His Human Insecurities And Admits That It’s Okay to Be Afraid

Chris Evans, who seems like his life is perfect, sends an important message that it's okay to be scared but it's not okay to be scared away.

Benedict Cumberbatch: A Man With Many Important Faces

Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch (top 10 quotes) is quickly becoming one of the most iconic...


Richest man on the planet, Carlos Slim, attracts money making opportunities since a kid. He invested in a Mexican bank at 12, and was worth 40 million by 26. His abundant mindset allowed him to reach billions, and now he narrows his time to solving world problems and being a huge philanthropist!
James Dean is known for the quote "dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." And he lived up to the authentic quote by being his true self,
Edward Norton found his unique desire for acting when inspired by a play that his babysitter took him to. He learned to act from age 8 and was an automatic natural. He went to study history at Yale but never attended the famous drama school. Acting, however, would show up in his life over and over, until he just couldn't leave it.


Top 10 Sienna Miller Quotes About Trusting Instincts, Living YOUR Dream...

Sienna Miller is a British Actress, model and fashion designer who understands that passion can be an unlimited and an ever changing journey.

Top 10 Quotes & Lyrics By The Avett Brothers: Staying True...

Lyrics by The Avett Brothers to inspire you on your journey of finding meaning and staying true to yourself and your message as you ascend in your chosen career.

Billion Dollar Entrepreneur Tom Bilyeu Gives Significant Insight On Our Choices...

Tom Bilyeu is a young billionaire dedicated to the application of our highest human potential which is limitless. This is what he says about struggle and fears!

10 Brooks Koepka Quotes: From Underdog To US Open Champ

Let's dive in on some of the major opinions, self belief and wise words that Brooks Koepka has ever said and align it for ourselves as fuel to our own worlds:

Edmund Burke: CURIOSITY, Our Simple, Yet Powerful Emotion That Can Lead...

Oh what hidden powers lie dormant in this simple emotion? This one "simple emotion" has led to more discoveries and some of the greatest inventions in the world!

10 Dustin Johnson Quotes About His Determination, Confidence And Competitive Spirit

Dustin Johnson is a prolific golfer who has turned his passion for golf into an obsession that enabled greatness at it's highest form.




Inspirational Speeches


Dave Grohl – Don’t Be Intimidated By Your Heroes, Be Inspired By Them

A remarkable speech from Dave Grohl where he talks about not being intimated by the posters on our walls featuring our heroes but being inspired by them.
Steven Spielberg whisper speechvideo

Steven Spielberg – Listen To The Whisper

Director Steven Spielberg gives a profound speech about dreams and how they come behind you whispering rather than screaming at you in front of you.
Jim Carrey Commencements Speechvideo

Jim Carrey’s Speech On How His Father Inspired Him To Follow His Dreams

Jim Carrey continues to shake up the universe and remind us to live in the now,...

Rihanna on Humanitarianism: It Starts With Just One

  Rihanna delivers an empowering public address on gratitude and empathy, after receiving the 2017 Harvard...

Christopher Walken – The Lion Speech

This scene from Poolyard junkies features Christopher Walken giving an analogy about the lions in the African savannah and how they must show the hyenas who they are.

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