Georgia O’Keeffe – Mother of American Modernism

Artistic creation is an integral part of the human spirit and Georgia O'Keeffe gave us a new way to look, to see, to imagine the world and represent that view.

Richard Proenneke Lives His Dream Of 30 Years in the Wilderness

Find out how Richard Proenneke, a simple man, lived out his dream in the wilderness and how the issues in his life led to his decision to spend 30 years in the wild.

Katherine Hepburn – A Talented Eccentric That Broke All The Rules

Katherine Hepburn is a perfect example of the truth that, those who do not accept the scarcity of success always create a niche for themselves in society.

Patrick Kane Uses His Unorthodox Skill and Talent to Change the NHL

Patrick Kane changed what a hockey player was supposed to look like. He proved that you don’t need to be a certain size or way to do what you love.

How Hayao Miyazaki Sets the Standard for Female Representation in Western Cinema

Most of Miyazaki’s films feature female protagonists with a commonality: they are unwilling to give up on passions and insist on fighting for what they believe in.

How Mindy Kaling Never Let Any Obstacles Discourage Her

Mindy Kaling believed in herself to extraordinary measures and showed everyone exactly what a minority Indian woman was capable of achieving on her own terms.


Jennifer Lawrence is the type of personality that never follows and never conforms, but remains her true best self all the time. She doesn't care what the typical Hollywood look is, and she encourages her fans to be exactly who they feel comfortable being.
Rick Ross, the boss of the rap game depicts luxury at its finest and as a result manifests it into his own life. He used his influences as leverage to climb up the success ladder, and learned the value of hustlin' hard.
What makes King James such an inspiration, aside from his talents, is how well he handles adversity. Learn how he overcame all the dark moments and rough patches that entered his life, and how he truly triumphed from rags to riches through his passion for the game and for his drive to be the best.


Top 18 Neil Young Quotes To Inspire Your Journey Towards Real...

Here are 18 Neil Young quotations to inspire us on our journey for freedom and personal expression.

Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott Identified Major Key to Success As A...

Here are ten quotes from writer Derek Wolcott to inspire the path to your specific creative success and how to put yourself and your work out there.

Breaking Down Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Quote About Ultimate Efficiency

This simple statement captured by Emerson provides a logical reason for something which can be very difficult to achieve, without a solid foundation...

Top 10 Steven Tyler Quotes to Never Let Anything Hold You...

These Steven Tyler quotes promote always chasing your dreams and never letting your personal weaknesses or the obstacles you face stop you from achieving them.

15 Lena Dunham Quotes to Help You Speak Your Mind and...

Here are 15 Lena Dunham quotes to inspire you to fight for what you really believe in, speak your deepest truth, and find your unique and individual voice.

5 Thought Provoking Bo Burnham Quotes About Society And Life In...

Bo Burnham proved that it is possible to reach all your goals, even if they are as unrelated as rapping and comedy. These quotes will guide your uniqueness.




Inspirational Speeches

george lucasvideo

George Lucas Inspirational Speech (Passion And Joy)

Everything I did, I was following something I loved, that I enjoyed my path, and that led to my passion. I kept following my passion

Taylor Swift’s Empowering Speech – Change The Channel In Your Mind

Taylor Swift gives a speech about changing the channel in our own minds, never comparing to others or seeking perfection and creating good beliefs about ourselves.
alan watts choicevideo

Alan Watts Dissects Choices And Our Thought Processes Behind Them In 3 Minutes

This masterpiece video combines movie scenes with the voice over from Alan Watts' speech about the essentialities of our intuitive choices.

Britney Spears – Never Ever Lose Your Passion To Dream

Britney Spears sends a heartfelt and tearful speech to her fans about following those inner dreams because it's truly the purpose of our lives.
Kevin Durant MVPvideo

Kevin Durant MVP Acceptance Speech

> Dear Mom, “We weren’t supposed to be here. You made us believe. You kept us off...

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