Rupi Kaur Pours Raw Devotion Into Her Work

Twenty-Four year old Rupi Kaur writes honest poems about life that inspire millions to turn every moment, even the negative ones, into something they love.

JRR Tolkien – The Inertia of a Curious Life

JRR Tolkien shows us that one can live a life full of joy and connection with romance and family, and still produce works of creativity that change the world.

Mahatma Gandhi and The Importance of Remaining Civil to Bring About Civil Change

Gandhi focused on using peaceful protests as a way to combat injustices during a time when that was never the answer for bringing about change.

A Simple Yet Brilliant Idea To Let People Know They Are Loved

Wendy Williams Watt is an entrepreneur with a bold mission to impact and remind people everywhere that they are loved.

Edward Snowden and Whether or Not Whistleblowers Are Traitors or Heroes?

Snowden and many other whistleblower's often reveal the information they find because they can’t, and refuse, to turn a blind eye to the corruption they see.

How Nicolas Steno’s Questioning Mindset Shaped Modern Geology

Find out how Nicolas Steno remarkably followed his curiosity and challenged the accepted ways to make major breakthrough's. Learn the gift of questioning.


Howard Schultz, the owner of Starbucks once lived in the slums, but his perspectives and beliefs ultimately allowed him to find a way out, and thrive extraordinarily in the business world making a small coffee shop into a global empire.
Walt Disney, was the man behind the fantasy world that was often more magical then the real one we live in. Through his many fascinating creations, he composed a feeling inside of every kid and even in many adults that left only peace in their minds and joy in their hearts. This visionary took his ideas and imagination to a whole new level. But things certainly weren’t always easy. Try and explain a cartoon mouse to a group of investors.
Ever wonder what the inside story of John D Rockefeller was? What made him a representation of the almighty dollar, and what gave him the title of “the richest man that ever lived?” Find out here.


Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Quote That Explains How Together We Are...

"Kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound together." - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe A society bound together with kindness, is a society...

25 Jennifer Lawrence Quotes that Show Humanity and Empathy

From these quotes Jennifer Lawrence shows her empowering beliefs, positive self worth and most importantly, her ability to be exactly who she is.

10 Will Smith Quotes to Conquer Your Fears

Here are the 10 greatest Will Smith quotes about disregarding plan b's and being realistic, breaking past fear and living for a grander mission. 

10 Brilliant David Suzuki Quotes To Empower Your Purpose

A man who loves the natural beauty we are blessed to live in, & the world we take for granted, David Suzuki has used his intellect & passion to help the planet.

Understanding This One Van Gogh Quote Will Allow You To Achieve...

We rarely ever do anything truly great without having taken a series of much smaller, perhaps even somewhat insignificant, almost imperceptible steps along the way.

Understanding Jonathan Lockwood Huie’s Quote On Finding Balance

Balanced activity is nothing more than conscious creation. It is simply doing the things we know we are capable of doing and then consciously choosing to do them.




Inspirational Speeches


Ellen DeGeneres on Finding Your Passion and Purpose

In 2009, Ellen DeGeneres gave a commencement speech to the graduating class at Tulane University....

Hillary Clinton “Never Stop Believing That Fighting For Whats Right Is Worth It”

Hillary Clinton addressed the media after Donald Trump's victory, and empowered young girls to never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it.
Jon Stewart commencement speechvideo

Jon Stewart Commencement Speech

The host of the Daily Show, Jon Stewart, has threw in the towel after a long decorated career as a comedian with a strong sense for politics. Here's his inspiring commencement speech at William and Mary College.
AJ Leonvideo

Why AJ Leon Believes ‘Waiting’ Is The Enemy Of Your Dreams

Entrepreneur and philanthropist AJ Leon talks about the danger of waiting for things to happen.

Rihanna’s ‘Love Yourself’ Speech

Rihanna gave an empowering message dubbed 'black girls rock' for her award acceptance where she gave advice about loving yourself

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