Martha Stewart – How This Domestic and Life style Maven Can Help You Zero In On Your Passions With Perfection!

Martha Stewart has an incredible ability to deliver anything she says or does with such deliberate perfection because of her intense passion she has for her work.

A Feeling Success Guide to Applying the No More Zero Days Rules

Everyone is different, there is no shame in your game either way, but knowing more about yourself can help you match objectives with measurable tasks.

The Shakespearean Model For Success

The Shakespearean model is based around creating something has never been, weird or wacky, beautiful or delicate, however it feels and share that with everyone.

Kevin Durant and How to Be Empowered by Your Decisions

There will always be criticism and judgments thrown his way, but what perhaps empowers Durant is knowing that his decisions are what led him to his success.

Chimamanda Adichie And The Dangers of Telling a Single Story

How reading and buying into one narrative can lead to division, false judgments, and ignorance.

How Sunita Narain Points to a Shift in Lifestyle as Fundamental to Combatting Climate Change

From all races, genders, nationalities, and religions, the one thing we all share in common is the planet we call home. It connects us all as a common species.


Women around the globe have been injected with inspiration from the ever empowering Beyonce. She represents being bold, having inner confidence and standing tall for yourself and for what you believe in! Her success story is well rounded. She's had the failures with Star Search and failed record deals, shes overcome shyness, she definitely has the passion and shes a massive giver who contributes any chance she gets!
Madonna is one of the pioneers of her generation who really shaped the music industry in a bold way. From her lyrics and performances to her interviews, Madonna was never afraid to showcase her opinion and cross the lines of conformity. She really stood for freedom of speech and being your true unique self.
Jamie Foxx is a multi-talented entertainer who sings, acts and tells jokes for a living. He has done it all, and it's largely credited to his many inspirations and role models such as his grandma who raised him. He also has extremely strong self beliefs and hard grained passion for what he does. Find out some of the big challenges he faced to get where he is.


An Albert Einstein Quote That Teaches Important Lesson About Sheer Endurance

Einstein was committed to honoring his gifts by engaging his creative curiosity, obsession, and dogged determination to achieve enormous success for humanity.

10 Quotes By Winona Ryder to Help You Start Again

These quotes by Winona Ryder will give us encouragement when we need to accept and make peace with our past and start over.

12 Powerful Malcolm X Quotes About Truth, Human Dignity And Having...

Honoring Malcolm X's legacy, we need to remember his message, and use it as a measure in our contemporary society of how far we've come and how far we need to go.

Top 10 Zoe Saldana Quotes To Think For Your Own And...

These Zoe Saldana quotes teach us an important message: pursuing passions will provide massive dividends and opportunities, which we must seize.

Breaking Down Richard Bach’s Quote On How We Learn Best

Learning is about wonder, it's about finding out or simply remembering, or being reminded of what we already know. Learning is teaching. It is sharing great ideas.

10 Mary J. Blige Quotes to Foster Self Love and Rise...

Mary J. Blige, who is an advocate of self-love, takes great pride in using her musical platform to empower fans to speak their truth and be confident inside out.




Inspirational Speeches


Arianna Huffington’s USM Commencement Speech About Hidden Blessings

Entrepreneur and Author Arianna Huffington gave an eye opening speech at the commencement for USM where she spoke about hidden blessings and the tipping point.

Michael Jackson’s Grammy Speech Is The Most Inspiring Ever

Michael Jackson delivered the greatest speech ever where he spread light on changing the world through using our gifts, understanding children and being connected.
Martin Luther King Jr speechvideo

Martin Luther King Jr I Have A Dream Speech

Martin Luther King Jr., who won the Nobel Peace Prize was an absolute advocate of change, a messenger of love, and an ambassador of human rights.

Viola Davis Speech About Diversity and Opportunity

Viola Davis gives this compelling speech about colored women stretching past the limits and opportunity they have been constrained within.
Lebron James inspiring speechvideo

Why Lebron James Doesn’t Care What Others Think

LeBron James had a very striking response to a reporters question about how he deals with scrutiny, criticss and pressure from others.

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