Inspirational Speeches


Joe Montana is dubbed the greatest quarterback ever. His nickname, Joe Cool is for his ability to stay "cool" under heating pressure and he became a comeback king. Find out what other beliefs, traits and inner qualities led him to being a 4 time super bowl winner.
Jennifer Lopez is the full package celebrity who seems to succeed at anything she focuses on, whether she’s singing, dancing, producing, acting, creating profitable businesses or being an active philanthropist through her many charities.
Known for speaking his mind, responsible for the most controversial goal ever "hand of god", and also for being possibly the greatest soccer legend of all time. Find out how Maradona reached his surmountable success and how it all began as a dream he had sleeping on a soccer ball at night as a 3 year old....

Athlete Empowerment

Anthony Davis: The Journey

Davis shares some of the challenges and lessons he learned that guided him to all-star status and reveals some of his own personal struggles of being too skinny and having a bad shot.

Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning & Abby Wambach Icon Award Speeches At...

All 3 legends who retired in their respective sports gave speeches at the 2016 ESPYS about being relentless, embracing being a fan and never truly being retired.


Bryce Harper shares his insight on baseball and life being a numbers game of stats, but that ultimately no number sounds as good as the crack of the bat.

Kobe Bryant’s Motivational Speech Before His Official Retirement

Kobe Bryant talks about himself from a third person view about his journey to retirement and gives some great perspectives about true greatness.


R. Buckminster Fuller’s Epiphany

Buckminister Fuller was depressed and suicidal when he heard a profound voice that changed his life forever, he became one of the most intelligent people ever after this infamous turn of events. Find out exactly what the voice was saying...



Inspiring Movie Scenes


“Collateral” Best Scene – What Do We Have To Lose Anyway

This powerful scene from Collateral features a hitman (Tom Cruise) giving a life changing and perspective altering speech to a taxi driver (Jamie Foxx).

The Wanderer – The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty & Benjamin Button

The Secession created this beautiful montage to remind us all to take leaps by exploring the world, trekking the unknown and challenging our own horizons.
x men inspiring scenevideo

X-Men Days Of Future Past Scene Will Inspire You To Always ‘Hope’

A refreshing and inspiring scene from X-Men Day Of Future Past where the wiser and older Professor Xavier tells his younger self to hope again and to embrace pain.
freedom speechvideo

They Will Never Take Our Freedom : Braveheart

The infamous Braveheart scene of Mel Gibson motivating his soldiers to fight for their freedom. This video always seemed to get the juices flowing and make you feel more ambitious than ever to do something for your freedom, whatever that represents for you!

Coach Carter – A Better Life

This inspiring Coach Carter scene features Samuel L. Jackson as he tells the basketball team the statistics of what it takes to succeed in Richmond and the tool for a better life.

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