The Coppola Family Dynasty And What We Can learn From Them As Individuals

The Coppola's are a multi-generational dynasty of talented and influential artists who did not rely on one another, instead listened to their own inner voices.

Jhene Aiko Finds Complete Freedom By Expressing Through Art

Aiko has never been okay with being told what to do, and she doesn’t care what labels or boyfriends have to say. She cares about expressing what’s on her mind.

Orison Swett Marden On The Universe And Its Peculiar Lessons As Kindergarten For Man

The Universe, or nature, or both, may be the grandest example to us all of what's possible when things function with order and purpose.

How Kesha Used Expression to Capture Authentic and Raw Emotion into her New Music

Kesha's sense of hope derives from her own strength and her ability to pick herself back up through traumatic experiences. She used music as a coping mechanism.

From Rags to Riches: Parallels Between Kit Harington and Jon Snow

Both Kit Harington and Jon Snow of Game of Thrones possess a resolve within them that allows them to shine through any limitations that are placed upon them.

Usain Bolt’s Relentless Work Ethic & Patient Outlook Ensures Success

As a master of his craft, Usain Bolt knows the importance of combining relentless training with keeping patient and creating strong inner beliefs about oneself.


Leader of the Russian revolution, Ovechkin continuously brings fans out of their seats with a blistering shot or a big hit with the size and strength of an NHL power forward, yet the hands, instincts and quickness of an elite scorer. Find out how his passion and positive energy as a kid made him one of the greats!
Julia Roberts is one of the highest paid actresses in the world, one time being the highest amongst females. She has always had a very 'take life lightly' mindset and her detached approach assisted her to the limelight. "Normally I have a great lightness of being. I take things in a very happy, amused." way.” This gratitude attitude made the universe correspond to her song.
Not just a pretty face, Jessica Alba has a deep sense for the world around her. She has a decisiveness about things, she wanted to act and identified as a "feminist" at age 5. She has also created a chemical free baby products company that gives back tremendously.


Idris Elba: Realize Your True Potential

12 of Idris Elba's most important and enlightening quotes to remind us to keep striving until we find the opportunities that allow us to reach our true potential.

Top 10 Inspiring Frank Zappa Quotes To Free Your Mind And...

These quotes from Frank Zappa will teach you to use your voice and freedom to be a critic of the culture and to be true to your message and what you stand for.

15 Quotes By Malala Yousafzai, One Voice Has the Power to...

Malala can inspire us to persevere, and stay true to the calling of our own life’s purpose. Here are 15 enlightening and empowering quotations from Malala Yousafzai.

The Importance Of Developing Our Ability to Really Hear What We...

The most important person to listen to is oneself, and our most important task is to develop an ear that can really hear what we are saying.

A Brilliant Daniel Radcliffe Quote About How Our Imagination Creates Our...

A quote by actor Daniel Radcliffe that reveals the importance of exercising our imagination and how we can manifest anything when we believe in our creativity.

Top 10 French Montana Quotes To Weather The Tough Times

French Montana pulled through tough times in unconventional and creative ways which ultimately resulted in his success. Let's use his words of wisdom as fuel.



Inspirational Speeches


Denzel Washington – Ease Is A Greater Threat Than Hardships

Denzel Washington delivers this incredible speech about how hardship is a greater friend than ease ever will be.

Hillary Clinton “Never Stop Believing That Fighting For Whats Right Is Worth It”

Hillary Clinton addressed the media after Donald Trump's victory, and empowered young girls to never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it.

James Franco At The Strand-Advice For Actors

James Franco gives his thoughts and advice for aspiring actors and anyone chasing dreams about the control you have of how hard you work versus how things turn out.

Elizabeth Gilbert on Passion: Follow Curiosity

Amazing Elizabeth Gilbert speech on the two ways we respond to passion: obsessive or curious,...

Kerry Washington’s Commencement Speech – Don’t Follow The Path

Kerry Washington gave this chilling commencement speech entailing the importance of not following the path that others set for you and writing your own script.