16 Inspiring Antonio Brown Quotes & Facts

antonio brown quotes

One of the best wide receivers in the NFL, Antonio Brown, who plays for the Pittsburgh Steeler’s, is no where near slowing down.

He never fails to impress fans; whether it’s his high level spirit, borderline censor celebrations or his raw talent for the game of football.

Through a rough upbringing, lack of guidance and the poverty stricken neighborhoods that he came from, Antonio has managed to keep focusing on the “what if’s” and has proved so many doubters wrong along the way!



1.) Antonio Brown was initially a star Quarterback in high school and he would bounce around from house to house because of an unstable upbringing. For 6 months of his senior year, he slept on any couch he could possibly find. During his 1 year at North Carolina Tech Prep, he moved in with his former assistant coach from high school.


2.) “Don’t waste your time dealing with people who aren’t good people! Invest your resources and productive things! Not fake people trying to use you.”


3.) Antonio Brown has a mentor in Dwayne Johnson. The two of them share the same personal trainer and they work out together as well. “I look up to Dwayne. He really helps me get better, he always tells me to keep smiling and to stay hungry and stay humble and to work my butt off. He believes in me and believes that I can be great.”


4.) “Some guys are concerned with the clothes they wear or the cars they drive, but none of that stuff is as important as what you put into your body.”

5.) “If you know Antonio and look at my journey and what I’ve been through, I’ve been to prep school, I walked on to Central Michigan, late-round draft pick, and here I’m on a great organization, great franchise and competing at the highest level for the highest trophy in football history,”


6.) Antonio Brown had a ton of haters prior to being drafted into the NFL. Most said he would never make it out from the rough area he resided in, nor play college football. He did both. With a smaller frame than the average wide receiver, many claimed he would always be a backup, even if he did get drafted into the NFL.

7.) “Chest up, eyes up, prayed up.” This has been his catch phrase since he was a kid growing up in the rough neighborhood of Miami. He started a foundation in that same poor area where he helps disadvantaged children.


8.) “With everything you do, you’ve got to have a vision and a goal. This off-season, my goal is to gain five pounds of muscle”.

9.) Antonio Brown chose his number as a way to motivate himself. He may have got the idea from legendary Steeler’s wide receiver Hines Ward who had done the same thing in the past. Both players were drafter very late, and this was always a strong motivator for Ward. Antonio Brown chose #84 because 8 x 4 is 32, which is the number of teams that passed on drafting him.  “I absolutely still have the chip on my shoulder. I wear 84 for a reason. Eight times four is thirty two. Thirty two NFL teams passed on me multiple times—including the Steelers. I remember draft day and how I felt sitting in the hotel with my mom, waiting to be picked. How long it took to hear my name called. Every time I go out there, it’s added motivation,”

10.) “You’ve got to believe in yourself. There will always be doubters. My motivation comes from within. What matters most is what you believe. It’s about what you stand for and the person you want to be. And when you achieve your vision, it’s a beautiful thing.”

11.) Antonio is a big swimmer who chooses it regularly over running on the track. He does usually around 36 laps per cardio session. He’s also not a huge drinker and admits it can slow him down significantly in his career. “Alcohol deteriorates you. You’ve got keep your body clean”.

12.) “You’ve always got to be improving. You’ve always got to do better than you did before. I’m looking to be sharper and more detailed in my work and help us win more games.”

13.) During media day when the Steeler’s played the Packers for Super Bowl XLV Antonio Brown discussed how he used to lay on his bed and visualize as a kid. “Crazy visions, I can’t talk about them all, but this is one right now that I’m experiencing. Embracing it and enjoying it.”

14.) “I wasn’t a kid who got in trouble and did anything wrong, I just was a guy who didn’t really have the right guidance in place and the right support that supported the things that I wanted to do. It’s hard for a kid to be successful when he ain’t got the right support to help him be successful.”

15.) “With the Steelers, you learn to play every play like it’s your last.” In 2011, he became the first NFL player in history to amount to over 1000 returning and receiving yards in one season.

16.) “There’s so much more work to do and so much more improvement for me to get better and me to grow”.


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