Top 10 21 Savage Quotes To Make You Grind Harder

21 Savage is a rap artist from Atlanta, Georgia, who has brought back the rough, grimy gangsta driven hip hop. He claims it’s about the lifestyle and the times he lived through, hence he isn’t trying to be something he’s not or sugar coat it. His music is a dark reflection of the difficult times, the mean street neighbourhoods he was brought up in and the violence and drugs that surrounded him. Many of his friends had been murdered through his rise through rap, and he attended 5 funerals in just one year. However, 21 Savage has been a forward thinker from the get go, as he focused his energy on music and became a mix tape king which assisted him in his come up.

He grew up on the mean streets where he witnessed his father dealing crack since he could first remember. He and his buddies formed a gang where they sold drugs out of his mothers house. On his 21st birthday, he and his friend got shot but his friend never made it out alive which prompted him to focus on his music career. Within just a year and a half, he blew up and was featured on XXL magazine as an up and comer. 21 Savage claims his 2 kids are his motivation and things picked up when he got his hands on a mac computer and a microphone until his brother stole a better mac. He worked extremely hard on the streets and in the rap game to make his presence known. Along the way, he endured through more setbacks including his brother being killed. 21 Savage through tough times, trials and error, eventually reached his respective throne. His story is indication of the amount of work ethic that goes in to make the dream a real thing.

These motivating 21 Savage quotes will remind you to have trust in your process even if your going through the toughest of times and to keep grinding for your dreams.

10 Inspirational 21 Savage Quotes


“I’m not really focused on the applause, the claps; I’m just doing my music, making my money, keeping my head down. I represent a ni**a comin’ from nothing to somethin’ and adapting and changing his ways for the better.” – 21 Savage


“You pray, ask questions, ask for guidance, pay respect to ancestors. It’s all about making sure you pay for your sins — everybody gon’ make mistakes, commit sins. You just gotta make it right.” – 21 Savage


“To get rich and take care of all my ni**as and my momma, I don’t want to be the best rapper in the world, I don’t want to be the richest rapper in the world, I want all my partners to have nice houses and cars and I want my momma to have a nice car and a nice house.” – 21 Savage

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I done did the hard work.” – 21 Savage


“I’m going to be the next Gucci Mane, ’cause we in the same lane and on the same type of shit. Other than him, I’ll be the next Bill Gates too, money-wise.” – 21 Savage


“I respect mother**king character. Actions. Backgrounds.” – 21 Savage


“I just want us to win. Ni**as ain’t did nothing but lose they whole life.” – 21 Savage

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“I ain’t tryna die. Or get locked up. Had to change up the way I move. Rapping just gave me something to do versus the streets. I got a crew. I got a lot of real ni**as around me that deserve everything that I deserve. Rapping is one of the tools we can use to make sure all our folks straight.” – 21 Savage


“But I wasn’t rapping cause I was like, ‘Damn, I can get rich and famous.’ I was gonna get rich regardless. I was rapping ‘cause there wasn’t shit else to do.” – 21 Savage


“Everything I do standout I feel like, everybody gravitate towards it.” – 21 Savage

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“But I’m going to bring that young ni**a feeling back. I got my other partner who’s going to bring that Jay Z, lyrical shit. I got another partner who can harmonize and bring that groove back. I got another artist whose also just like me. It ain’t nothing new but we’re going to bring back some shit that’s needed.” – 21 Savage

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