About Us

Are you an underdog? A misfit who is misunderstood or underestimated by society? Welcome home. The most influential minds ever were just like you! 

Our Purpose:

Feelingsuccess is an established brand designed to empower you with well-sourced inspiration from the most influential minds ever. From historical geniuses to modern day world changers. We have it all! Speeches, interviews, movie scenes, quotes, videos, facts, profiles, stories. The interesting part, is these figures had humble beginnings, overcame adversities and faced challenges the same way we do. They weren’t some special breed of human, they just tapped into their potential and began to believe in themselves from a deeper level.

We’re here to re-convince your mind every day that every single one of us has a unique limitless magic and power to do anything we believe. Human potential has no ceiling and it’s time to set it free.

We are redefining the term success and creating a new culture and tribe of people who believe that success is an inner quality. It’s not about comparing or competition, it’s an inside job between you and you, and we are just here to inspire you with insightful information from others who have found their unique gifts to the world.

In today’s day and age, success is too often associated with money, material possessions and feeding the ego through social media or any other means. Success is a feeling and a state of mind that is free for any one. It’s about being limitless, doing what you love (regardless of societies norms), living for a purpose greater than yourself, creating positive ripple effects, liberating and freeing yourself from doubts and fears, and constantly evolving as human beings to reach our supreme destiny.


Our journey began 3 years ago, and today, FeelingSuccess.com is at an exponential growth rate currently inspiring over 5000 visitors a day. We’ve been featured on some very established publications such as Bleacher Report, Business Insider, Buzz Feed, MSN, Fox News, Entrepreneur, and Deepak Chopra to name a few.
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Who Are We?

A team of passionate individuals we call go-getters, who strive to enlighten the world by narrowing in on the good of universally influential people from past to present. We are made up of purpose driven people – who find power in unity, evolving humanity and ultimately a better world. We take pride in dissecting the inner qualities that made the greats successful in their respective fields which in turn help us understand the fundamentals to achieve our own visions. We also welcome you the exciting opportunity to write with us.

The Vision:

We take great privilege in dissecting the inner qualities of universally famous people and taking an inside look into the brightest and most creative minds. Why, you ask? Because these folks, from past to present, are highly regarded in our subconscious mind, hence, we glorify the aspects that will empower us and give us better beliefs that serve us on our own unique journeys. The way we look at it, better to admire people for what they’ve done right as opposed to magnifying weaknesses, which will guide us respectively.

We love to fuel our audience with such self serving beliefs as:

  • Pursue your passion and purpose.
  • Be non-conforming and revolutionary.
  • Overcome your fears and become limitless.
  • Embrace failures, setbacks and rejections.
  • Never seek approval from society.
  • Follow intuition and trust your gut.
  • Chase happiness not money.

The People:

The successful people include everyone from actors/actresses, musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, scientists, painters/poets to philosophers, intellectuals and world changers. To put things into perspective about our diverse platform, we don’t judge, we admire them all from Mother Teresa, and Elon to Kanye West and Vincent Van Gogh.

The Mission:

FeelingSuccess.com is very clear about not being motivation or advice…It is simply a place to be inspired and then get on with your day with a limitless angle or stronger belief in oneself.

The Truth:

We strive for accuracy and credibility when it comes to where we dig up our information. – Whether that be from documentaries, biographies or online content. Please let us know of any insights or corrections. Truth is power. info@feelingsuccess.com

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