Why AJ Leon Believes ‘Waiting’ Is The Enemy Of Your Dreams

Founder of Misfit, Pursuit Of Everything and several other philanthropic endeavours, AJ Leon is an up and rising artist, writer and entrepreneur. He spoke at Mind Valley’s Awesomeness Fest where he shared some profound wisdom from his personal story. AJ Leon did everything that you are supposed to do, school, work etc, and then he was promoted within his finance job in New York. He had his epiphany and was overwhelmed with the fears of feeling too secure to ever pursue any other longing dreams. He claims his 13 year old self would have been very disappointed in who he became. Next came courage, and AJ forced himself to leave that 9-5 money driven life behind right after getting married to his wife.  Fast forward some years later, and AJ Leon has aligned who he is with what he does, and now what he has become is extraordinary.

In the quick clip above, we cut to a quick segment near the end of his keynote speech where he talks about the exact essay he wrote to himself when he was faced with the harsh realities of feeling stuck and waiting for the right time to pursue the things that really mattered.



“There are few things on this earth more dangerous than waiting. Waiting for the perfect time to launch. Waiting to have enough money to start. Waiting for your friends to think you can. Waiting for some blogger or regional manager or magazine editor to notice. Waiting for God to increase the hours of the day. Waiting until the kids graduate. Waiting until you’re out of debt. Waiting for your dad to believe in you. Waiting for the boss to say it’s fine. Waiting for a case study to prove that it’s worth it. Waiting for retirement. Waiting to be chosen. Waiting to be validated. Waiting for a sign.

The obvious problem with waiting. Paralysis. The nothingness that comes with not trying. The not-so-obvious problem with waiting. The more you do it, the better you get at it.

You want to know the truth? I’d rather slip backwards than stay put. Because at the very least I’m learning something for my next step up. And that something is usually more valuable than what I would have learned by doing nothing at all.

This is not a rant. I mean it. It’s overwhelming. Think of all the art that has yet to be created and all the web applications that have yet to be built and all the music that has yet to be written and all the dishes that have yet to be tasted and all stories that have yet to be told … because somebody, somewhere is waiting.” – AJ Leon


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