Albert Einstein: 5 Mind Blowing Facts

albert einstein facts

When people think “Albert Einstein” they think “genius” in fact, people usually use the terms interchangeably, for example, one may say “he’s no Einstein” and mean “he’s no genius.” However, when diving into Einstein’s past, one can easily see that this genius wasn’t just born and told “you will be a genius,” he was moulded into one, despite the many quirks, and setbacks he faced. Remember, Einstein wrote around 300 publications, however is only worldly known for a couple. Here are some mind blowing interesting facts about Albert Einstein you probably didn’t know:


Fact 1: Albert Einstein thought in terms of visual pictures as opposed to words: In fact at 16, he would picture what it’d be like to ride a beam of light, this aided him in his discovery of E=mc²


Fact 2: Albert Einstein had trouble speaking as a toddler, and when he did speak, it was difficult for him which led to his speech being very slow.


Fact 3: Albert Einstein failed his acceptance exam to University. At 17 years old, the young genius applied for early admission, although he was successful in his favorite fields math, and science, he failed the major majority of the exam which consisted of history, english, other languages, geography and more.


Fact 4: Albert Einstein was known to have bad memory. He often forgot names, dates, addresses, and phone numbers.


Fact 5: Albert Einstein didn’t have a car, and NEVER learned to drive.


These inspirational facts of the great and legendary Einstein put things into perspective. They make him seem more humane, and not just born a “genius.” After all, he is only genius in his scientific discoveries, he focused on his strengths and mastered them. If you could isolate your strengths, and put intense focus on them, maybe one day you’ll be dubbed a “genius” aswell.



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