This Helen Martineau Quote Will Help You Understand The True Importance Of Living In The Moment

“You better live your best and act your best and think your best today, for today is the sure preparation for tomorrow and all the other tomorrows that follow.” – Helen Martineau

We can only ever really “live” in the moment. Everything else is just preparation for the exact moment we are experiencing as we experience it… We can’t live in tomorrow, only in this moment (learn more about living in the present moment via Eckhart Tolle). We can plan for tomorrow, but we can’t live there. Also, we can only actually ever prepare for tomorrow, today. Why? Because when tomorrow actually arrives, it’s today…

There are several examples of individuals living out of this constant challenge of both planning for the future and living in the moment. One of the most common examples we can easily evaluate is that of the athlete as either an individual, or part of a team.

Let’s first look at the “preparation” for what at first glance appears to be an individual athlete, a sprinter. One of the most famous sprinters in recent history is Usain Bolt from Jamaica. In an interview after one of his “victories” he told the reporter “winning was the easy part, all of the real work was behind the scenes in the daily grind of preparation.” Usain Bolt, most famously known for his individual effort, was also an integral part of the Jamaican Relay Team victory as well.

Most of us have enjoyed an epic presentation on the big screen at one time or another. When a film is made, there are hundreds of moving parts involved at any given moment, all of which are leading up to the moment the cameras are rolling and the scene is captured for us to enjoy later after editing. All of the work, all of the preparation is for that one moment when the director says, ACTION!

Our own lives play out the same as both examples given… All of the effort takes place behind the scenes, but comes to fruition in a single defining moment we refer to as the present. The only way we can ever be the very best we are capable of becoming, is by preparing for the present. We either shine or fail in the defining moment. However, failure didn’t actually occur in the moment for most people. It occurred in all of the moments leading up to that moment, when the opportunity for practice and preparation was pushed to the side for something easier or more exciting than the disciplined effort required for long term success.

Discipline doesn’t just mean doing the things we know we should be doing even when we don’t feel like doing them. No, discipline is also the ability to say no to the things that aren’t moving us in the direction of our desired outcome. Remember, we are always either moving towards, or away from our desired outcome at any given point in time. Discipline is the ability to say no to the hundreds of distractions temporarily, while focusing on and preparing for what we have decided is most important to us both individually and collectively in the present.

To make sure we are properly prepared for tomorrow, we plan ahead of time for the activities we believe will best support our efforts to be fully present and prepared when tomorrow arrives. When we live our best, act our best, and think our best today, we are making a commitment to be our best tomorrow when it is looming in front of us asking; are you prepared for the opportunity of “Today?”

It is our day to day mundane and monotonous preparation which affords us the opportunity to be our best both tomorrow, and all of the other tomorrows as they unfold day by day, in the present.

Author: Bobby Kountz

Bobby Kountz is a former Oncology Nurse, a seasoned Oncology Sales Professional, and Personal Development Enthusiast. He is also an Inspirational Writer, Professional Speaker, Personal Development and Career Transition Coach, Dedicated Community Volunteer, Social Equality Activist, Mental Health Activist, and Loving Father and Husband.

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