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Margarette Atwood – A Figure of Endless Importance

Through Margarette Atwood's life, she has striven to contribute both culturally and politically, always speaking out against what she saw as unjust and unfair.

A Henry Van Dyke Quote About The Importance Of Gratitude

With gratitude, we can accomplish unimaginable things, it literally unlocks the storehouse of possibilities.

How Keanu Reeves Found Success and Modesty Through Tragedy

What makes Keanu Reeves' story special is his undying strength and ability to push through loss, tragedy and hardships to make his own success.

When Desmond Doss’ Courage Was Mistaken For Weakness

Desmond Doss' story runs deeper than the lives he saved, it’s a story about strength and an unapologetic need to be himself.

Stanley Kubrick – The Enduring Affect of a Creative Genius

Film is a wonderful medium that dazzles us and transports audiences through a screen to a vibrant world of powerful stories. Having only been...

Six Extremely Unique And Purpose Driven Polymaths

A polymath is a person of great and diverse learning in many different subject areas. They help teach us we don’t have to limit...

Self-Taught Nuclear Scientist Taylor Wilson Who Built Nuclear Reactor At 14...

The amazing story of Taylor Wilson is an inspiration to the amateur in all of us. Taylor is a 22-year-old self-taught applied nuclear physicist.

Richard Branson: Risk Taker, Dream Maker

Richard Bransons advice is don’t be afraid to delegate responsibility. Don’t let the naysayers deter you. Screw business as usual and do things your own way.

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