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Why Inspiration Is More Powerful Than Motivation

People often wonder what the difference between inspiration and motivation is. I’m convinced that being inspired to do something great, is far more powerful than being motivated.

How Mindy Kaling Never Let Any Obstacles Discourage Her

Mindy Kaling believed in herself to extraordinary measures and showed everyone exactly what a minority Indian woman was capable of achieving on her own terms.

Akio Morita (Sony): Never Give Up

Akio Morita was the man in charge of creating one of the most innovative companies of all time, Sony. However, it was not all smooth sailing, and he had his heeds of failure like many entrepreneurs before and after him.

What John Oliver’s Inner Principles Can Teach Us About Being Ourselves

John Oliver is a genius when it comes to his passion within political satire as he lives the concept of being true to one's self and speaking your mind.

Jim Carrey & His Spiritual Awakening

Jim Carrey faced trials of depression throughout his life and admitted to over thinking everything. Everything changed when he got his feet soaked in the teachings of spiritual guru Eckhart Tolle regarding living in the moment and ridding the mind of the ego.

Rolf Dobelli: 10 Reasons The News Can Be Toxic To Your...

Rolf Dobelli successfully argues how the news can be extremely toxic to your subconscious mind, and therefore keep you from being an enthusiastic, uplifting person.

How Ed Sheeran’s Song Thinking Out Loud Helped A Friend Pay...

Ed Sheeran's hit single "Thinking Out Loud" was actually created in hopes to help his long-time friend get out of financial troubles.

A Henry Van Dyke Quote About The Importance Of Gratitude

With gratitude, we can accomplish unimaginable things, it literally unlocks the storehouse of possibilities.