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Ballerina Misty Copeland Was Stacked Against All The Odds: “This is...

Self-described curvy, brown girl might be considered an unlikely ballerina in a field dominated by rail-thin, ivory-skinned dancers but passion defied her journey.

What We Can All Learn from The Story Of Vincent Van...

“Seek only light and freedom and do not immerse yourself too deeply in the worldly mire.” ― Vincent van Gogh Say the name of the...

The Importance Of Understanding That Most RULES Are Not Really Rules,...

Vishen Lakhiani is no different than any other except for one thing, his courage to question everything and now teaches his profoound findings from his own quest.

John Legend Uses his Fame to be an Advocate for Change...

John Legend is an advocate in many causes related to dis-mantling outdated stereotypes which have imprisoned many people and suppressed true creativity.

Fergie: A Passion That Kept Reigniting With Each Setback And Failure

Fergie's persistence to follow her passion and refusing to settle along the hardships that came with the journey truly enabled her to manifest her ambitions.

What Stavros Niarchos Can Teach Us About Re-framing and Seizing Opportunity

Stavros Niarchos was a shipping magnate who focused on reframing around difficult circumstances rather than letting discouragement "sink" his ambitious motives.

Andy Murray’s Success is an Inclination, Not An Overnight Success

Andy Murray lost countless grand slams before reaching Wimbledon, and took each loss as a lesson to reflect upon his mistakes and progress forward.

Give Yourself Permission To Embrace Imperfection And Success Will Find You

We live in a world that is bombarded with perfection which gives us an altered frame of reference that our brains use while engaged in the activity of perception.