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10 Tupac Lyrics That Will Inspire You

Here are the top 10 not deepest, or wisest, but most inspiring lyrics of Tupac Shakur that depicts his go-getter mentality and how mentally wise and poetic he was.

Why Is Tom Cruise Always So Upbeat?

Although he is a huge A-lister, Tom Cruise is also a lot different than you might have expected - and it's rather inspiring! A vegetarian who doesn't even drink.

Georgia O’Keeffe – Mother of American Modernism

Artistic creation is an integral part of the human spirit and Georgia O'Keeffe gave us a new way to look, to see, to imagine the world and represent that view.

Marshawn Lynchs’ Main Purpose

Mysterious Seattle Seahawks running back Mr. Marshawn Lynch is always short of words. He prefers to let his work ethic do the talking. Although he's always in the spotlight, no one really knows all that much about the star. Let's dig in, and find some inspiration from the soon to be legend.

Surprisingly Amy Winehouse’s Recklessness, Vulnerability and Raw Integrity Manifested Her Deepest...

Amy Winehouse maintained her integrity to be uncompromisingly true to herself. This is what built her connection to the world on a very profoundly personal level.

5 Ways Negative Media Is Keeping You From Success

Whether you believe it or not, what you watch, listen to, and read about affects your perspective and attitude towards life, which ultimately determines the decisions you make on a day-to-day basis. The media is highly effective in reprogramming the way you think. Here are 5 ways negative media is keeping you from success, and a higher quality of life. Stay aware and always guard/align your mind with your visions...

Gillian Flynn Proves That It’s Never Too Late To Do What...

Gillian Flynn has made us love thriller novels just as much as she does through her passion of writing.

Donald Glover – A Modern Day Renaissance Man

Donald Glover is to thank for this revitalizing story that lends itself to individual and communal growth towards understanding creativity and what inspires us.