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Bruce Lee’s Definite Chief Aim

Bruce Lee's actual Definite Chief Aim, also called Definiteness of Purpose, as stated in Napoleon Hill's book Think and Grow Rich

6 Highly Inspiring Facts About Larry Bird’s Life

Larry Bird was an extraordinary player and person who overcame ton's of adversity and struggles in his life. Here are 6 over the top inspiring facts.

How To Embrace The Beauty and Paradoxical Nature of Suffering

Suffering, given that it is overcome, can inevitably lead to genuine happiness– and it needs to be embraced in order to undo the follies of the human condition.

Christopher Nolan Movies Have A Special Formula

Director Christopher Nolan has made some of the biggest movies from Dark Knight to Inception and Interstellar. But what was the key reason he became so successful?

What Stavros Niarchos Can Teach Us About Re-framing and Seizing Opportunity

Stavros Niarchos was a shipping magnate who focused on reframing around difficult circumstances rather than letting discouragement "sink" his ambitious motives.

How Ryan Reynolds Used His Insecurities to Propel Himself to Stardom

The reason Ryan Reynolds could accomplish so much is because he was unwilling to succumb to mediocrity. He used his insecurities as a tool to use in acting.

Margarette Atwood – A Figure of Endless Importance

Through Margarette Atwood's life, she has striven to contribute both culturally and politically, always speaking out against what she saw as unjust and unfair.

From Barista To Singer: Christina Perri Applied Sheer Determination To Her...

Christina Perri's story remind us that with hard work and determination, anyone can live their dream; it will not be an easy journey, but it will be worthwhile.