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Zoe Lister-Jones Changes The Game With Community, Equality & Friendship

Zoe Lister does not wait for change. She is fostering the importance of community and using her position to make the film industry a more inclusive place.

The Coppola Family Dynasty And What We Can learn From Them...

The Coppola's are a multi-generational dynasty of talented and influential artists who did not rely on one another, instead listened to their own inner voices.

Lights: On Persevering in the Music Business While Evolving as an...

Pop music is an art, and its purpose exists beyond commerce, and stars like Lights aren’t contrived personas, but architects of their own creation.

Benoit Mandelbrot: Scientific Revolutionaries

Most people have probably never heard of Benoit Mandelbrot, but, they are much more likely to have had someone describe an image or object...

A Vince Lombardi Quote On Humility

As stated, mental toughness covers a broad range of ideas and attributes. Vince Lombardi tried always, to keep things simple. He spoke about his ideas as concepts.

Chimamanda Adichie and the Dangers of Telling a Single Story

How reading and buying into one narrative can lead to division, false judgments, and ignorance.

What Allowed Nikola Tesla To Make Such Revolutionary Scientific Breakthrough’s And...

Nikola Tesla's influence and breakthroughs lied in his big-picture thinking and he changed the world when he discovered the limitless potential of humankind.

Donald Glover, Don’t Let the Perception of the Creator Limit the...

Donald Glover has many passions, and his greatest gift perhaps is how he uses his intuition on letting something go and when to tackle something new and take risks.