Billion Dollar Entrepreneur Tom Bilyeu Gives Significant Insight On Our Choices And Fear

“Your choices define you. Don’t let fear be your definition.” – Tom Bilyeu

Tom Bilyeu is a young billion dollar Entrepreneur dedicated to the application of our highest human potential which is nearly limitless. He created one of the fastest growing companies called Quest Nutrition and his vision is to end metabolic disease and show people that food can be both good for you and taste good too.

You can find all of Tom’s information at along with some of the most powerful interviews on the planet. Caution: The interviews on his YouTube channel often include strong language as part of the discussion. For more on what I mean by this, just listen to the intro on Former Navy Seal and Elite Fitness Athlete David Goggins.

This is what he says and believes about STRUGGLE:

“Don’t fear the struggle. Hunger for it. Focus on what makes you feel most alive. Don’t get stuck in the in between, just existing – push yourself to grow into a more powerful version of yourself. Get so good they can’t ignore you. That is the true nature of happiness. That’s why you work hard – not so you can retire – so that you can become the vision you have for yourself. Never Done.”

When we access the very highest part of ourselves, we have unlimited power. There are literally thousands of possibilities available to us when we access our inner coach. Our inner coach is the still small voice inside our head that knows what we are really capable of. This still small voice is fearless. This is the voice of not only am I enough, but I am powerful beyond measure. This voice doesn’t second guess or question our ability because it understands we have unlimited potential. This is the voice of fearlessness!

If our choices do indeed define us, then we might consider at least taking the time to thoroughly evaluate how we choose to show up in the world every day. Is fear your definition? Does some element of fear currently define some part of you? Has some element of fear been holding you back? Much has been written on the topic of fear, much more will be written. What story are you writing for yourself as it relates to fear?

Do you have a really tough customer, client or individual you avoid because of FEAR? Maybe it’s not even avoidance, maybe it’s something more subtle like not holding either them or ourselves accountable when we interact with them. Here is what I know. If we respectfully engage in tough conversations with customers and hold them accountable to at least consider all relevant information as it relates to their decision making, eventually they will thank us for our courage!

When we come from a place of service and help others make fully informed decisions, we are actually empowering them to be the best they can be as well. The impact we can have is monumental if we are bold, confident, respectful, and solution-oriented. As Rory Vaden suggests “It’s hard to be nervous when your heart is on service.”

Author: Bobby Kountz

Bobby Kountz is a former Oncology Nurse, a seasoned Oncology Sales Professional, and Personal Development Enthusiast. He is also an Inspirational Writer, Professional Speaker, Personal Development and Career Transition Coach, Dedicated Community Volunteer, Social Equality Activist, Mental Health Activist, and Loving Father and Husband.



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