Bob Dylan’s Underlying Purpose

Bob Dylans mission

Bob Dylan has long been known for being an influential figure for over 5 decades. He always aligned his music with his mission. He has a very strong underlying motive behind what he does, and it has served him and others alike to break the old and make way for the new. Being a young and popular musician, Dylan utilized his influential powers for bettering the world around him by discussing things that matter, more so things that need to change; something he’s always been strongly passionate about. He was a spokesperson through his music for civil rights, anti-war movements and social unrest. He went on to lead a counter culture and stood tall in revolutionizing his lyrics around philosophical ideologies and he continuously questioned the social and political status quo.

Dylan’s music has certainly empowered many now famous individuals to do their part in changing the world by using their own unique gifts. In fact, one of his biggest fans was the late billionaire and creator of Apple computers, Steve Jobs. He referenced Dylan many times throughout his career.



“A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.” – Bob Dylan




Moral Of The Story: Connect your unique talents with your vision of a better world.



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