31 Inspiring Quotes By Bryson Tiller

Bryson Tiller, who is one of the most talented up and coming artists, has brought a new sound called trap soul which is a blend of R&B and rap. He was influenced by Kanye West, Omarion, and Drake. In fact, it was Drake who gave him the thumbs up when he was at a point where he was about to give up on his music dreams. And Timbaland, who was a mutual friend of a friend, had told the young star to quit his day job (Papa John’s and UPS) to pursue his hip hop journey. Thankfully, he listened. Bryson Tiller got a chance to prove himself to Timbaland in Miami, but he passed on him and signed a duo called “They”. He went back home to get his old job back which was a very frustrating period. However, Bryson didn’t settle and he continued to push the envelope as he was not new to hardships (his mother passed away when he was only 4 and he was raised by his grandma).  His hard work and persistence paid off as he even passed on OVO and eventually signed with RCA. Here are 31 inspirational quotes that prove Bryson Tiller’s experiences and upbringing gave him insight, wisdom and a solid path to success.


1.) The Motive To His Music:

“I would say the struggle made me want to take music seriously again.” – Bryson Tiller

2.) A Bryson Tiller Quote About His Life Philosophy: 

“I’m just going to live life and see where it takes me. And just go experience new things and just make music.” – Bryson Tiller

3.) He Attracted His Dreams And The Passion Pulled Him:

“I had this skit, that was like I call myself from the future telling myself that I should keep working hard, I think that’s cool because now I am, and that’s crazy. I stopped doing music for a little bit because I had a daughter, and I wanted to get a real job and just focus. But then I realised that that wasn’t enough.”Bryson Tiller

4.) His Goal Of Changing The World:

“By inspiring people. I want to inspire people to change the world. I just watched a movie yesterday, I forgot what they said. You ever seen Tomorrowland? It’s really good. It was a unique movie. Something about wolves, a quote that I’m going to use a lot now. I want to inspire people to change the world. That’s something that I feel that I’m meant to do here… really going to change the world. I asked God to make me immortal so I can do it.” – Bryson Tiller

5.) Bryson Tiller Does Music For The Fun & The Funds:

“On my project, I say something like, “I used to do it for fun and now I do it for funds” because it was really everyday after school I used to go to my boy’s crib to record songs. I mean, I used to cut school sometimes and record songs. So now, I’m doing the same thing. Every day I’m in the studio but getting paid to do it. So that’s pretty dope.” – Bryson Tiller

6.) An Authentic One-Of-A-Kind Self:

“I don’t like to hear people say I’m better than anybody, especially when they compare me to people who have tons of classic albums.” – Bryson Tiller

7.) On Being Compared To Usher:

“I just got here. This is my first album. It’s cool for some people to really feel like that. I feel like they should keep that to themselves and wait until I get six more classic albums, and then start that debate. Because, the person who’s never heard of me [could] walk in and judge me—the first thing they do when they listen to my music is listen to see if I’m better than that person. That’ll turn them into a hater quick.” Bryson Tiller

8.) Living In The Present Moment:

“Sometimes my life is moving so fast that I forget what’s going on. I’m just going with the pace or going with the flow. Like I don’t really stop and try to pay attention to things for too long. So I got kind of lost in that moment.” Bryson Tiller

9.) On Moving Out Of Kentucky:

“I haven’t really moved anywhere. I got a little spot in Miami but I don’t really be there for real. I’m just everywhere. I’m just living out a suitcase right now.” – Bryson Tiller

10.) On Getting A $600 Investment To Pursue His Dreams:

“That was love because I’ve dealt with people who have money and wouldn’t help me out. And that was not even expensive, $600 isn’t a lot at all. But I was really grateful for that. I mean, they drove all the way from Lexington, which is only an hour drive but they drove there. You know, we went to Target, we bought a desk. I put the desk together, it took me like an hour but I put it together. And they were like, “Yeah man it’s all good” and I was like “I’ma pay y’all back, I promise.” And they was like “You don’t have to pay us back” but you know, I’m one of those people, I don’t like taking free stuff from people. So I had to pay them back.” Bryson Tiller

11.) Bryson Tiller Lyrics From ‘Rambo’:

“I know they want to see me fall, look where I am though.” – Bryson Tiller

12.) Aligning His Rhymes With His Beliefs:

“It’s just my life. I don’t know what else to talk about. I can’t say gun references and stuff. All that crazy stuff. So I try to put my life into it. What I do, what I like.” – Bryson Tiller

13.) On Having Fears Before Dropping Trap Soul:

“Yeah, my fears were that people weren’t gonna… a lot of the songs are already out. I knew that my day one fans would be upset about that. I just want them to just have faith in me and just know that I’m gonna do better next time, you know, on my next album. It was just, the label and everybody was just so in a rush for me to put it out so it was just like alright I gotta put it out now. I’m ready to be done with this whole project. I’m ready to start on something new. I wanted to add about four more songs too.” – Bryson Tiller

14.) A Vision Has Surfaced:

Now my dreams are my realities.” Bryson Tiller

15.) On How His Life Has Changed Drastically:

“I used to work drastically. My life has changed drastically. Like I said, I was sleeping in my car and now I’m on the road a lot, you know what I mean. Just doing what I used to do. But now I’m doing it for a living.” – Bryson Tiller

16.) On His First Album And Not Featuring Any Artists On ‘Trapsoul’:

“I’ve never made an album before, but I plan on starting, so this next project will be what I think is my first album. I think a dope album has dope features. It was really my team and management telling me they thought I could do it on my own,” he explains. “I did want a lot of features on there, but they said ‘Do it yourself the first time around and then next time we’ll do it with features.” – Bryson Tiller

17.) On The Positive Reception To His Album Release:

“It feels amazing. It feels very amazing. I was struggling. I was really living the struggle and I’m not living the struggle anymore.” – Bryson Tiller

18.) Bryson Tiller Lyrics From ‘Don’t’:

“Certain it’s your love that holds me together.” Bryson Tiller

19.) On Expressing His True Self:

“I’m better at expressing myself and now when I write songs, I don’t just try to say things that might sound cool. Like I actually say how I feel and just like I say things that I feel like will resonate with people. You know what I mean. Rather than just saying something like I don’t know. I used to say a bunch of corny stuff.” – Bryson Tiller

20.) Lyrics From ‘Don’t’:

“I’m back and I’m better.” Bryson Tiller

21.) On Drake Reaching Out To Him:

“Amazing, man. That was so… it just didn’t seem real. It was surreal.” – Bryson Tiller

22.) On Not Attending College:

“That’s why I said on the song, “502 Come Up” on my project, I’m 22, I gotta get it now. I’m sorry, I can’t just be in class all day. Somebody said it’s like an acquired taste or something like that. Like you have to like it. I just don’t like school, at all.” Bryson Tiller

23.) Failure Is Not An Option And The Future Now Has Many Options:

“Yeah, that was the only option. I want to get into film one day. Bryson Tiller

24.) On What He Would Do During Recess At School:

“The other day I woke up and somebody sent me a screenshot and it was Sylvester Stallone, Rambo himself. Tweeting my song. Rambo. And I went absolutely nuts in my hotel. Like I was jumping on the bed screaming. I just started singing the song. It was crazy. Crazy.” – Bryson Tiller

25.) On Receiving Love From Other Artists/Mc’s:

“Trey Songz reached out to me not too long ago. He was just giving me some advice too. Wale hit me up. He loved my project and it was dope. Who else? Fabolous posted my project, I guess he’s rocking with the project. A lot of people been showing love.” Bryson Tiller

26.) Bryson Tiller Lyrics From ‘Right My Wrongs’:

“Tell me how could I write my wrongs.” – Bryson Tiller

27.) His Favorite Film:

I love sci-fi movies.” – Bryson Tiller

28.) On What Song He Would Choose To Describe Himself:

“I would pick “502 Come Up” because in the song I say “I woke up in the hills this morning” and it’s crazy because I say, “A year ago I was sleeping in my car,” and to be able to wake up in the hills. Like I literally woke up one morning and was like “Wow, like this is crazy,” you know what I mean.” Bryson Tiller

29.) A Bryson Tiller Lyric From Interlude (That’s Love):

“You don’t know how much you’ve helped me grow.” – Bryson Tiller

30.) On Kanye West Inspiring Him To Make A Huge Impact:

“He’s just, he’s a father. He’s out here getting it. And he recently tweeted something like “Do everything you possibly can in one lifetime” and I was just like, you’re right. I remember he said, I think his mom or his grandma told him he could do anything and I believe that too. I feel like I can do anything. There’s nothing that I can’t do. I couldn’t make music once upon a time, you know what I mean? But I got in the studio every day and I tried to get better. So, yeah.” – Bryson Tiller

31.) On His Brand New Style Of Music::

“It’s just trap and hip hop-influenced R&B, the perfect marriage between hip hop and R&B.”


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