31 Motivational Cam Newton Quotes

Cam Newton quotes

As the only player in history to have won the Heisman trophy, the National championship and be selected the number 1 draft pick in the NFL, Cam Newton demands attention. As a star quarterback for Auburn University, he never shied away from the spotlight and brought a lot of confidence and swagger to his game. In his first season in the NFL, he broke many records and continued to prove himself as not just someone with a lot of promise, but also someone who could back up his words with his actions. He shattered Peyton Manning’s record and recorded 400 throwing yards in his first game. Today, he continues to break records and live up to his own hype while setting a strong precedence for his teammates and fans.

Cam Newton is an excellent runner, thrower, fashion icon, and he knows how to throw down his bold opinion and showcase his inner self worth which either makes people love him or hate him. We love him. Because confidence is king and mindsets truly determine the outcome of any game, football or life. Now lets examine the wisdom, and wittiness behind one of the most outspoken and talented players in the NFL. Here is the ultimate list of 31 motivating quotes by Cam Newton.


1.) “I’m an example of why people deserve second chances.”


2.) “What happens when you take a lion out of the safari and try to take him to your place of residence and make him a house pet? It ain’t going to happen. That’s the type of person that I am. I’m that lion.

3.) “I grew up trying to be like my idols, and one of the main people in my life was my father. He played football, and when your father is telling stories about the game he played… Everybody wants to be like their father.”

4.) “You cannot make progress with excuses.”

5.) “The only thing that’s going to get you away from all the talk is winning.”


6.) “It has to be a contagious thing…One person is not going to just take this team to the promised land.”


7.) “You don’t go into the game to compete. You go into each game to win.”


8.) “We’re just out here every single day trying to do the best that we can.” 


9.) “Control what you can control. Don’t lose sleep worrying about things that you don’t have control over because, at the end of the day, you still won’t have any control over them.”

Cam Newton quotes

10.) “I know when it’s getting close to game time, I create a different playlist for each and every game. Before the game, to game time, to warm-ups, going to the stadium, I have a different playlist that puts me in a different mode.”


11.) “It’s a constant reminder…Never take nothing for granted. Just a simple ‘I love you,’ just a simple appreciation for others…It goes a long way. My pops always said ‘one day you can be on top of the world, and the next day the world can be on top of you.’ So you just gotta take it with a grain of salt.”

12.) “I. Hate. Excuses. Excuses are a disease.”


13.) “One day I hope to open my own day-care center. My passion for kids is through the roof.”


14.) “You don’t go into game to compete. You go into each game to win.” 

15.) “It’s a day-to-day learning process.”

16.) “I want people to say, ‘He can be the next Cam Newton.’ Not, ‘He can be the next JaMarcus Russell.’” 

17.) “Music can bring about different vibes on the field, off the field, urban life, going to church, leaving church. Everything the world may bring, there’s a song for it to put you in the right frame of mind.”

18.) “Genuine people, at this stage of my life, are very scarce. That’s unfortunate.  Most of the time, I don’t really give people a chance.  I have a wall up.  I’m always protecting who I am. Thinking about my brand.” 

19.) “There’s no similarity between football and ballet, so this ain’t ballet music being played on the field. I’m pumping something that’s going to put me in a frame of mind to go to war, and something that’s very high tempo and high beat.”

20.) “Winning excuses everything.”

21.) “When people see you do alright, then you start winning their hearts. It’s not going to come easy, though. It doesn’t matter how many people you do right, you’re still going to be hated by so many others. You can’t live your life trying to make everybody happy.”

22.) “I’m a living testimony that anything is possible.”

23.) Tom Brady is good, real good…but he plays in same league as I do.”


24.) “I think we have unbelievable potential. But a wise man once told me potential has never won a game.”

25.) “A person that says, ‘Losing is not difficult,’ I don’t even want to be around that person. And obviously, that person has never won anything relevant in their life.”

26.) “I see the light at the end of the tunnel, so I’m going hard.”

27.) “Winning is contagious, you know its a thought. It’s not something that just happens on Sundays. You know that’s something, like you have to live like a winner. You have to think like a winner. You have to eat like a winner. Everything that you do with life, you gotta be a winner.”

28.) “I pray for discretion every single night, that I can see through people, see what their greater good is. Sometimes that individual ‘wows’ you by the eye, but when it come to heart to heart, that person’s not there for you. That’s not just females. That may be friends, people who come into your life just to use you for who you are.”


29.) “It’s no secret that I am not afraid to shine bright and be festive, and I like to encourage that in others.

30.) “First and foremost I understand that my obligation is to be the best possible football player that I can be.  I know and believe that.”

31.) “I’m aware of that statement […] I don’t want to sound arrogant but I did something in one year people couldn’t do in their whole collegiate careers. We had a chance to do something great and we did it.”


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