Chris Hadfield And How To “Think Like An Astronaut”

If you don’t know who he is, you’re probably not all that interested in outer space. Colonel Chris Hadfield is a veteran astronaut with the Canadian Space Agency and former air force pilot who caught the attention of people around the world with his insightful and captivating journey aboard the International Space Station, which lasted from December, 2012 to May, 2013. In March, 2013, he became the ISS’s very first Canadian commander.

What was perhaps most captivating about Colonel Hadfield’s time aboard the ISS was his social media presence. Over the course of his five-month stay in space, he uploaded some 45,000 beautiful photographs, answered space questions from the public while live aboard the ISS, and even recorded the very first ever music video in space. He is a true modern Renaissance man who has undoubtedly sparked a greater interest in outer space and what lies beyond the planet Earth.

Upon returning to Earth in May, 2013 Chris Hadfield wanted to share his experiences with the world in any way possible. One of these ways was to write a book. “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth” is the result of Colonel Hadfield’s experiences both before, during, and after his time as an astronaut. It is part autobiography, part self-help, and is a great read for anyone who wants to hear thoughts on life from someone who has been somewhere only a handful of people in human history have been before. In his book, Colonel Hadfield talks about his own experiences as an astronaut and how what he has learned can be applied to everyday people in everyday life. He calls this mindset “thinking like an astronaut”.

Thinking like an astronaut involves things like the ability to make quick decisions, having a positive attitude, being ready for problems to occur when you least expect them, and not overlooking the small details in things. All of these things have helped him to be successful in his work and can easily be applied to daily life by you or me. Today, Colonel Hadfield shares this method of thinking through things like TED talks and motivational speeches, and while this is a great way to get the word out, I’d very highly recommend reading “An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth”, as it really allows you to see things from his perspective and picture in your head what it must have been like to experience what he experienced during his time in space.

Chris Hadfield has not only proven to be a distinguished and capable astronaut, but also an educator and a role model. His work has inspired many to look to the stars and have the confidence that they too could command the International Space Station someday. Along with inspiring future astronauts, his work has undoubtedly inspired thousands to simply try harder, think clearer, and feel mentally strong and capable to handle whatever life happens to throw at them.

Author: Michael Arteage

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