Dustin Hoffman’s Mind Blowing Answer For Why He Does What He Does

Dustin Hoffman has the greatest answer for a tough question he got asked by a student regarding “why he does what he does” at a performing arts school. His enthusiastic advice about the power of passion left the students speechless as he elaborated on how he would do acting in a community center or even teach it at a university if he was not a famous actor. Dustin Hoffman gave an excellent example of Pablo Picasso and how he claimed if they took away his paints away he would use pastels, if they took his pastels away he’d use crayons, and if they took his crayons away he would use a pencil and if they stripped him naked and put him in a cell, he would spit on his hand and paint on the wall. Hoffman stresses the importance of having that unbearable unquestionable type of passion or love for what you are doing.

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