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Vivian Maier: Unknown Or Just Waiting To Be Found? Can You...

Photographer Vivian Maier gained fame after death but wasn’t trying to be anyone or prove anything. Things that come from the heart have a priceless glimmer.

Our Deepest Fear Speech: Coach Carter

The Coach Carter movie clip of the troubled student who finally changes and understands that we were all meant to shine! He delivers Marianne Williamson's amazing message: We are powerful beyond measure! An absolute classic..

Charlie “Tremendous” Jones’ Quote About The Real Reason To Read

If we will focus on reading with purpose and intent, we will also garner the greatest benefit from the books we do actually read.

Jackie Chan Oscar Honorary Award Speech “It’s A Dream”

Jackie Chan accepts the Honorary Oscar Award at the 2016 Governors where he delivers a speech about always dreaming of winning the award.

Kendrick Lamar Talks About The Importance Of Love

Wise lyricist Kendrick Lamar breaks down the world's #1 issue and the simplest purest solution to solving the biggest problem: love.

Entrepreneurs Share Their Views On Why You Should Think Big

Many entrepreneurs, visionaries and even artists discuss their viewpoints on the power of thinking big and why it will open up new avenues for you.

Lion King – Remember Who You Are

This is the scene from the Lion King where Rafiki brings Simba to the water hole and his father appears in the clouds to remind him who he really is.

Breaking Down Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.’s Quote About Applying Facts

The ability to regurgitate facts and figures serves no real purpose if that information can't be made relevant or brought to real life in some form.