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This section of the road map helps the understand more about themself

Steve Harvey Family Feud Speech Leap of Faith

Steve Harvey gives an amazing speech after an episode of Family Feud to his audience. He talks about the importance of making a "leap"

Kendrick Lamar Talks About The Importance Of Love

Wise lyricist Kendrick Lamar breaks down the world's #1 issue and the simplest purest solution to solving the biggest problem: love.

Jackie Chan Oscar Honorary Award Speech “It’s A Dream”

Jackie Chan accepts the Honorary Oscar Award at the 2016 Governors where he delivers a speech about always dreaming of winning the award.

Christopher Walken – The Lion Speech

This scene from Poolyard junkies features Christopher Walken giving an analogy about the lions in the African savannah and how they must show the hyenas who they are.

Mathew McConaughey University Of Houston Speech

Mathew McConaughey speaks about several different sectors of life from happiness, defining your own version of success, and about asking the deeper questions

Nina Simone: What’s Freedom? No Fear

Nina Simone discusses how everybody is half dead (including herself) and that she wants to open people up by shaking them up to liberate their freedom.

A Powerful Lesson From Adrien Brody In The Detachment

A very awakening and intense speech by Adrien Brody in The Detachment film about questioning our world and cultivating our imaginations.

Fight Club Scene – Speech About Modern Life

This is the famous Fight Club scene where Tyler Durden gives an eye opening speech about being the middle children of history where we're fighting a spiritual war.