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Pharrell Shares His Inspiration with Spike Lee About True Beauty

Pharrell Williams talks to Spike Lee about the true definition of beauty, which he correlates with inner principles of loving ourselves and embracing age.

Ted Chiang: The Astounding Integrity Of Genius Behind “Arrival” Film

True achievement lies not in awards and accolades but in holding ourselves accountable, being true to our art, and being honest with our efforts to excellence.

Sean Penn’s Speech From Fair Game

A short but powerful speech about democracy not being a free ride and about remembering our duties as citizens and not blindfolding ourselves from the truth.

Donald Glover, Don’t Let the Perception of the Creator Limit the...

Donald Glover has many passions, and his greatest gift perhaps is how he uses his intuition on letting something go and when to tackle something new and take risks.

MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) Inspires Fan To Walk For The First...

MGK Machine Gun Kelly inspires a fan to walk out of his wheel chair for the first time. This video is awe-inspiring, showing us the power not only of music, but of how humans can inspire one another in incomprehensible ways!

Madonna Advice To Ellen: Things Come To You When You Let...

When Ellen first came out, Madonna reached out to her and offered her some inspiring advice about letting go, that Ellen remembers to this day.

Oprah Winfrey On The Power of Really Believing Yourself

What Oprah Winfrey says in this video regarding our beliefs, is truly powerful beyond measure, this is it, this is really the mentality one must possess in order to achieve their goals. It's all possible, and Oprah is living proof. Here are some of the core lines Oprah states in the video (one regarding Jim Carrey's story on how he visualized his way to success).

Aron Ralston On Being Grateful

Aron Ralston talks about his survival from a canyoneering accident and how it enabled him to truly count his blessings of everything operating in his world.