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This section of the road map helps the understand more about themself

Kendrick Lamar And Rick Rubin Have an Epic Conversation About The...

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lPD5PtqMiE?rel=0]GQ conducted an interview between Hip Hop king Kendrick Lamar and legendary producer Rick Ruben and the result was an enlightening outcome. Kendrick...

Bruce Almighty: Want To See A Miracle, Then Be A Miracle

This scene from the feel good film Bruce Almighty is when God tells Bruce to be the miracle and take free will into his own hands rather than expecting one.

Kobe Bryant’s Motivational Speech Before His Official Retirement

Kobe Bryant talks about himself from a third person view about his journey to retirement and gives some great perspectives about true greatness.

Drake – Success Secrets

VYBO (Visualize Yourself Beyond Ordinary) created this video of combined clips of Drake giving profound success secrets, advice and wisdom. A must watch.

Life Of Pi – The Opening Religion Scene

One of Life Of Pi's opening scenes where the family discusses an intriguing conversation over dinner about religion and science.

Princess Diana – I Lead From The Heart Not The Head

A rare interview where Princess Diana talks about not following a rule book, leading from the heart and being very concerned with doing good.

Michael Phelps – It’s What You Do In The Dark

This Under Armour commercial revolves around Michael Phelps as he trains for his last Olympics. Legacies are built over a lifetime of goals.

Chappie Scene – It’s What’s Inside That Makes You Who You...

Chappie's human mother teaches the robot about some spiritual references to being different from the inside out, the soul, where it goes and who he really is.