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This section of the road map helps the user think about more than just themselves and what they can offer to the world

One For The Money, Two For The Fraction Of The Show

Lady Gaga made the super bowl SUPER as she jumped and took everyone in awe! Her message of people being united was beautiful - especially at a time like this.

Pay It Forward ‘Trevor’s Interview Scene’

This end scene from the year 2000 film Pay It Forward is a great reminder of the importance of overcoming fear and forcing ourselves to change.

Emma Stone’s Spiderman Speech ‘Fight For What Matters To You’

Spiderman speech where Emma Stone talks about time being luck and how we shouldn't waste it living someone else's life and we must fight for what matters to us.

Jay-Z On Race: We’re More Alike Than We’re Separate

Rap guru Jay-Z sat down with Oprah's Masterclass to talk about race and how the hip hop culture has helped bring people together.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Thoughts On Love, Humanity and Compassion

This Ted Talks speech features the Bollywood legend Shah Rukh Khan who shares his wisdom through stories of his upbringing and the country he was born and raised in.

A Nelson Mandela Speech About How Sport Can Change The World

Nelson Mandela spoke about sports having more power than government or politics because it has the ability to break down social, economic and racial barriers.

Melinda Gates and the Business of Giving Back

Melinda Gates teaches us how investing in individuals creates a domino effect, that may very well come back around to the investor in many forms beyond wealth.

James Hetfield: Be Apart Of The Solution

James Heffield remind us to be apart of the solution and sends a message of hope that we can live out our truest intentions to reach our destiny.