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This section of the road map helps the user become more self disciplined and structure

First Female Boston Marathon Runner Kathrine Switzer On Going The Distance

This infamous photo on the wrong side of history captures a woman being attacked for attempting to run the 67 Boston Marathon as she fearlessly paved a way.

Uninspired? Lazy? How to be a Master of Willpower

You probably know someone who just always gets things done; they seem to possess infinite supplies of energy and willpower (and time), and every...

Rupi Kaur Pours Raw Devotion Into Her Work

Twenty-Four year old Rupi Kaur writes honest poems about life that inspire millions to turn every moment, even the negative ones, into something they love.

Understanding This One Van Gogh Quote Will Allow You To Achieve...

We rarely ever do anything truly great without having taken a series of much smaller, perhaps even somewhat insignificant, almost imperceptible steps along the way.

Louis Riel – A Champion of Self-Determination

Louis Riel led a legacy of visionary understanding of the wrongs done in his times and the courage to fight for eternal rights of human beings.

(Chris) Ashton Kutcher Teen Choice Award Speech

An inspired Ashton Kutcher left a remarkable message in his award speech at the Teen Choice Awards in 2013. He encouraged the young audience that opportunities are disguised in hard work and being smart is the new sexy, followed by a powerful Steve Jobs quote "everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you."

Understanding Henry Ford’s Quote About Executing Our Plans

Mr. Ford sized up his chances, capitalized on a system, calculated risks, and then set about confidently making plans that changed the world as it was known.

Breaking Down Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Quote About Ultimate Efficiency

This simple statement captured by Emerson provides a logical reason for something which can be very difficult to achieve, without a solid foundation...