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Execute Your Intuition

This section of the road map helps the user become more self disciplined and structure

Tom Brady Michigan University Speech About Earning Leadership

Possibly the NFL's greatest Quarterback of all time, Tom Brady gives an epic speech at the University Of Michigan where he earned his grand opportunity.

Mark Wahlberg – Intensity And Commitment

Mark Wahlberg goes over the importance and relevance of intensity, commitment and pride as he infuses those elements into his entire day to day life.

The Wanderer – The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty & Benjamin...

The Secession created this beautiful montage to remind us all to take leaps by exploring the world, trekking the unknown and challenging our own horizons.

Aaliyah Talks About Her Best Lessons Learned

Aaliyah combines experience, knowledge and wisdom to give her life lessons learned over the years that are extremely important for any endeavour.

The Draymond Green Story – The Heartbeat

Draymond Green possesses an inner power and energy like no other. In this ESPN short documentary of his come up, it's easy to see his enthusiasm is contagious.

Drake’s Highschool Graduation Speech About Following Through

A Drake speech where he talks heavily about following through with our goals and commitments to reach our destination.

Michael Jordan Interview – How Important is Practice?

"Work ethic eliminates fear." Michael Jordan shares his opinions on the importance of practice and rigorous work ethic. He plays in practice like its the game.

Michael J. Fox On Acceptance, Surrendering And Taking Chances

An inspiring speech by Michael J. Fox where he talks about acceptance, surrendering and taking chances with just focusing on doing the next great thing.