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This section of the road map helps the user find what they love

Gillian Flynn Proves That It’s Never Too Late To Do What...

Gillian Flynn has made us love thriller novels just as much as she does through her passion of writing.

How Ridley Scott Transformed his Childhood Passion for Film Into Blockbuster...

Film Director Ridley Scott manifested his passions to equal profit on the global scale of film by avoiding distractions and embracing the minutiae.

Sidney Crosby Tim Hortons Commercial: Doing Something You Love

At FeelingSuccess we believe passion is one of the most common traits among the successful, and is often the least taught thing in the personal growth industry. Here's an amazing clip where NHL superstar Sidney Crosby re-affirms our belief in passion where a young Crosby (around 14 years old) says: "Wouldn't it be amazing? Getting up everyday and playing, doing something that you love to do" - Sidney Crosby

Gurbaksh Chahal: If Money Is The Goal, You Won’t Achieve It

Gurbaksh Chahal, a man who made millions by 18, explains to Elite Daily how you have to be able to take so many lows to achieve one or two highs. Money can not be the goal, greed can not be in the picture. He gives examples of Steve Jobs, and how failure and fear can not be apart of your mentality.

Seth Rogan And The Power Of Passion

Seth Rogan shares his thoughts on desire, passion and having a strong purpose aligned with everything that you do that is far greater than a monetary value.

Rihanna – Do It For The Love Of It

Rihanna shares some of her personal success secrets from being passionate, hard work, and not having extreme expectations but rather flowing with what comes next.