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Eddie Murphy: Always Go After Your Dreams

Eddie Murphy, one of the greatest comedians of his generation, explains why you should always go after your dreams.

Justin Timberlake on Being Different & How Your Critics Don’t Count

Winning the innovator award, Justin Timberlake gave an empowering speech about being different, quoting some of majestic men such as Steve Jobs and Roosevelt.

Mark Zuckerberg 2017 Harvard Commencement Speech On Finding Purpose

Facebook CEO and Founder, Mark Zuckerberg addressed the Harvard graduates of 2017 with a remarkable and eye opening commencement speech about finding purpose.

How Ridley Scott Transformed his Childhood Passion for Film Into Blockbuster...

Film Director Ridley Scott manifested his passions to equal profit on the global scale of film by avoiding distractions and embracing the minutiae.

Anthony Bourdain Quotes: Passion for Food and Lust for Life Inspires...

Anthony Bourdain is a smart risk-taker; he never imperils himself or anyone but firmly lives on the edge because this is where he is most comfortable.

Martha Stewart: Your Work Should Reflect Your Passion

Martha Stewart has an incredible ability to deliver anything she says or does with such deliberate perfection because of her intense passion she has for her work.

Mel Blanc: How One Man’s Love of Cartoons Literally Saved his...

Mel Blanc was the man with many voices such as Bugs Bunny, and those same voices stored in the recesses of Blanc’s mind literally brought him back to life.

Ellen DeGeneres on Finding Your Passion and Purpose

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0e8ToRVOtRo]In 2009, Ellen DeGeneres gave a commencement speech to the graduating class at Tulane University. Much of what she said had to do...