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Jazz Saxophonist John Coltrane Was Ahead of his Time and Continues...

Here are 35 John Coltrane quotes to inspire revolution through evolution.

Idris Elba + Purdey’s Present: #ThriveOn

Actor Idris Elba is featured in this Purdy's commercial where he interviews people about their dreams and challenges them to never stop growing.

Stan Lee On Doing What Excites You

Stan Lee discusses passion and gives great examples of how his excitement and doing what he was naturally good at led him to success in so many ways.

Chuck Schuldiner And How His Actions Broke Down the Stigma Around...

Chuck Schuldiner, who transformed Heavy metal, was an agent of adversity throughout his life and left us too soon to cancer. His legacy of resilience lives on.

Aloha Wanderwell – A Seminal World Traveller

Aloha Wanderwell was the first woman to drive around the world and she never stopped being an adventurer, whether she was traveling, giving lectures or writing.

Mel Blanc: How One Man’s Love of Cartoons Literally Saved his...

Mel Blanc was the man with many voices such as Bugs Bunny, and those same voices stored in the recesses of Blanc’s mind literally brought him back to life.

Defining Pythagoras’ Infamous Quote About Our Destiny And Choices

Everything we are and everything we will ever be, will be determined by the choices we either do or do not make. We can either choose to begin, or not.

Tyga Talks Dreaming Big, Being Around Good Energy, And Doing Whatever...

In this inspiring video, rapper Tyga talks about how how it was always his goal and dream as a kid to rap, how he didn't really know how it was going to come about but just did whatever he could at the time to progress. Eventually, the road to riches unfolded as he took action with blind faith. Tyga also expresses the importance about being around good energy people. A clear insight as to why Tyga is a huge hit in the hip hop industry today.