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Overcome Adversity

This section of the road map helps the user persevere through life struggles

Donna Karan Used Her Life to Overcome Loss

Donna Karan finds stability in knowing that life is bigger than our present circumstance, “The minute you get self-absorbed, self-involved -- you're in trouble."

The Famous Failures

Everyone loves to praise the successful, but frown upon the failures. Failing, when refusing to give up, is a clear indication that success is en route. This extremely popular video, for right reason, really narrows in on some of the greatest successes and showcases how they've truly endured failure, some of them failed over and over again....

Logic’s Story Teaches Us That Our Dark Times Can Be Used...

Logic is a great example of an artist with a message. Rather than let the darkness in his life weigh him down, he used negativity to create something positive.

Flight Ending Scene – Denzel Washington’s Emotional Speech

This is the epic ending scene of 'Flight' where he tells the inmates about his story and how being in prison was ironically the first time he has ever been free.

Look Me In The Eyes – Jordan Commercial – Become Legendary

A Nike commercial that is sure to give off the goosebumps as Michael Jordan explains how no one knows what is truly within you except for you.

DJ Khaled – Never Surrender

DJ Khaled sits with Ellen to talk about never giving in or surrendering to failure but to keep striving with positivity and belief in our dreams.

Madonna Advice: Put Your Boxing Gloves On

Madonna discusses on Anderson live about being really passionate, believing in what you do and having to fight for your dreams.

O’Shea Jackson Jr. All Def Movie Awards Acceptance Speech “Embrace The...

O'Shea Jackson Jr. received an award and gave a great speech about embracing the under dog within.