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Morgan Freeman: Courage Is The Key To Life Itself

Morgan Freeman elaborates on what we already know, that courage is the key to life itself and gets in depth about how we can all access bravery.

Tom Hardy Speech About Doing What You Love And Embracing The...

Tom Hardy gave an impeccable speech about being okay with failure and the learning experience that is associated with humiliation.

Look Me In The Eyes – Jordan Commercial – Become Legendary

A Nike commercial that is sure to give off the goosebumps as Michael Jordan explains how no one knows what is truly within you except for you.

Louis C.K. Uses Nontraditional Platforms To Express His Comedic Genius

By being brutally honest about relatable life events, Louis C.K. manages to make audiences think and laugh, ultimately gaining their utmost respect.

Big Sean: Reality (Law of Attraction)

Imagine you had everything you wanted, everything. Imagine you were everything you wanted to be, capture that feeling, that's the easiest way to manifest what you want. That's all God wants to see us happy. It's the law of attraction I'm always talkin' about, shit, look it up. I read a couple books on it, but it changed my life.

Madonna Advice To Ellen: Things Come To You When You Let...

When Ellen first came out, Madonna reached out to her and offered her some inspiring advice about letting go, that Ellen remembers to this day.

Frida Kahlo – A Painter Who Made Her Love Life A...

Frida Kahlo made self-portraits which captured hearts & souls with a sense of strength & perseverance while living with an extraordinarily disturbing marriage.

How To Apply Coach John Wooden’s Quote About Time Efficiency

There has to be a definite purpose and goal if you are to progress. If you are not intent about what you are doing, you aren't able to resist temptations.