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Musician As Identity: Devin Townsend

Devin Townsend celebrates music, and invites everyone to come along for the ride; this is what truly makes him unique, and an inspiration to many.

How Do We Delineate The Difference Between “Real” Happiness and “Fake”...

Happiness is definitely an inside job. This article talks to several happiness researchers and experts who break it down to a science and provide proven tools.

Benoit Mandelbrot: Scientific Revolutionaries

Most people have probably never heard of Benoit Mandelbrot, but, they are much more likely to have had someone describe an image or object...

Bell Hooks : The Process of Freedom from Oppression

There are probably few if any who would say that oppression is a good thing, but according to Bell Hooks, there may be another way to look at it.

Exploring Thomas Edison’s Quote About Trying One More Time

How is it that Edison developed this incredible capacity for persistence? To really understand, we need look no further than his early beginnings in childhood.

Jazz Saxophonist John Coltrane Was Ahead of his Time and Continues...

Here are 35 John Coltrane quotes to inspire revolution through evolution.

Kevin Durant and How to Be Empowered by Your Decisions

There will always be criticism and judgments thrown his way, but what perhaps empowers Durant is knowing that his decisions are what led him to his success.

R.I.P Chris Cornell: Expressing Music To Heal Others

Cornell speaks about how his most powerful work came from a dark place in his life, and how he views and listens to those songs because they remind him of triumph.