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Martha Stewart: Your Work Should Reflect Your Passion

Martha Stewart has an incredible ability to deliver anything she says or does with such deliberate perfection because of her intense passion she has for her work.

A Jason Silva Quote About Science & Technology, Pushing Boundaries And...

The limitless mind of Jason Silva challenges us to make a complete paradigm shift where there is no separation between art & science or creativity & technology.

Why I Succeed: Jimmy Butler

Chicago Bulls shooting guard Jimmy Butler tells his tale about how he succeeded because of what he does every single day.

Breaking Down Richard Bach’s Quote On How We Learn Best

Learning is about wonder, it's about finding out or simply remembering, or being reminded of what we already know. Learning is teaching. It is sharing great ideas.

Inspiring Google Story By Larry Page

Larry Page shares some amazing advice about leveraging, making a difference, taking risks and learning from the things that don't work.

A Rare Speech Of Mother Teresa And The Power Of Love

Mother Teresa, in this rare video, delivers a speech about spreading love and praying as a family to overcome anything in this world.

Joe Rogan : What Is Reality?

An exceptional narration by zestful Joe Rogan combined with artsy colorful video cuts from space and nature. If you haven't seen the video yet, be prepared to be blown away and your mind opened wide to the infiniteness of possibilities both in the universe and within you!

Conor Mcgregor – What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

This motivational montage of Irish MMA fighter Conor Mcgregor including some of his most memorable moments and wise words of advice.