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Rewire Your Mind

This section of the road map helps the user eliminate limited beliefs

Katherine Hepburn – A Talented Eccentric That Broke All The Rules

Katherine Hepburn is a perfect example of the truth that, those who do not accept the scarcity of success always create a niche for themselves in society.

Wiz Khalifa Inspiring Interview with CNN

Wiz Khalifa gives an inspiring talk on how he became successful, as he states he always envisioned himself being successful, and how he became known as "Young Wiz" for being wise beyond his years.

Simon Sinek on the Importance of Writing Down Your Goals

Simon Sinek reflects on writing down your goals and how it is essential to accomplishing them.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk Inspired Many Innovators by Demonstrating Unabashed Creativity and...

Rahsaan Roland Kirk was able to play two or three instruments simultaneously and he gained the ability to improvise on stage all while being blind from age 2.