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Rewire Your Mind

This section of the road map helps the user eliminate limited beliefs

Jay Z: What’s The Point of Living Average Video

Jay Z is interviewed with Irv Gotti where he explains the inspiration behind the lyrics to Can I Live, a song from the album Reasonable Doubt.

Unleash Your Inner Rock God: Gene Simmons Talks Success And Education...

In this interview by FOX News, Gene Simmons talks about his new book, Me, Inc. A guide to building an army of one, unleashing your inner ROCK GOD, and how to win in life and business.

Van Damme Defying The Laws of Physics in Unbelievable Volvo Ad:

This Volvo Truck ad is inspirational in an indescribable way, Jean Claude Van Damme calls it the “the most epic splits” ever. The video...

Jack Ma’s Original Sales Pitch in 99

A great motivating speech from Jack to his 17 friends in an apartment somewhere in China prior to the huge success of Alibaba.com. Just goes to show, the old adage, Rome wasn't built in a day and every empire can grow with enough passion for it.

Deshun Wang – Be The Fiercest

This video features actor Deshun Wang who speaks about dreams never being too late and how no one can keep you from your success.

Alan Watts Dissects Choices And Our Thought Processes Behind Them In...

This masterpiece video combines movie scenes with the voice over from Alan Watts' speech about the essentialities of our intuitive choices.

Tyler Durden Philosophy Of Life – Fight Club

This is the scene where Tyler Durden tells the narrator about his philosophy on life which is almost a mix of eastern zenful spirituality of exiting the 'self'.

Friday Night Lights Being Perfect Speech Script

The Friday Night Lights speech and transcript where coach Gary Gaines talks about what being perfect really means.